Vintage Tupperware Guide

Vintage Tupperware also known as classic Tupperware, the very beginning batch of antic Tupperware that produced since 1950s'.

This kind of Classic Tupperware usually have very plain color, either blue or white. The quality of these Classic Tupperware compare to the new Tupperware also different a lot , more solid and more thick. ( According to my mum )  

To be honest, I am not quite sure with it, as I had never own any of the classic Tupperware set before.

More Vintage Tupperware..

This is one of the Classic Candimate set photo that I found from google; you can see that the color is very plain, due to technology in the olden days unable to produce sharp color yet..

But yet, if you look at it, it won't feel like "old" or bad, it look very classic and very calming color :) I believe there are many folks are purposely to chase after the Classic Tupperware.

tupperware vintage candimate set

But, if you do so, you need to prepare to pay more to own the Classic Tupperware compare to the modern design Tupperware, as the quantity is very limited :)

Here is another set of Vintage Tumbler, even though the color is not very sharp and modern compare to the modern Tupperware color; but it still look attractive and nice, agree? :) 

Here is another set of Classic Canister set, even the design look quite simple, but it look very nice and eye ball catching :)

This is the classic one touch set, then you need to use your palm to press at the middle of the lid to close the container. My mum own one set of this quite long time ago :)

If you are looking to buy these kind of Classic Tupperware, find from ebay here

Try to look for the seller that has high good feedback to ensure you have smooth transaction :)

When come to the price, sorry I really can't judge, as it is hardly to look for different seller that selling same kind of Classic Tupperware. Just grab the product you love as long as you are comfortable with the price :)

Here is another set of colorful Classic Luncheon Plate set, don't you feel like back to the past when you see these classic Tupperware products? :)

It is good to use for serving plate while having birthday party for your kids :) 

You can stack it together for easy storage purposes when they are not needed :)

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