Used Tupperware Buying Tips

There are many folks are looking for used tupperware in the market. Some are because they wish to buy high quality tupperware products in much lower price due to it is "second hand" products.

Vintage Tupperware SetVintage Tupperware Set

But some are willing to buy used Tupperware, is because the products she want to buy is the Vintage Tupperware set she want long ago, that it is high quality classic Tupperware set that no longer produced by Tupperware management.

What is important when buy used Tupperware?

1. It is normal that second hand Tupperware will have some minor defects such as scratches, stubborn stains, you need to ask seller to send zoom in details pictures of the products to you before you decide want to buy or not.

I ll suggest you to have cod ( Cash on delivery option ) or meet up with the seller personally to check the products, make sure the products you purchased is meeting with your expectation to avoid argument later.

More important is, you need to ensure that the lid and base of the Tupperware you buy is still works on each other perfectly.

Sometimes, it do not have significant defects or scars on the lid's surface, but the lid might be already loose and unable to close the base tightly. 

Well, most second hand tupperware is discontinued, even you bring it to the tupperware center for exchange, since the lid is no longer produced, the tupperware center staff can only take back whole set of your tupperware product and replace it with the latest tupperware products that is currently on sale - which they called it as phase out.

You know, when that happen, it defeat your effort of buying the vintage tupperware, don't you agree ? :) 

2. Negotiate the price - Usually when the seller agree to sell their used Tupperware on hand, they are willing to give it away with lower price since they know it was used before. 

If you are a good negotiator, you may be able buy it at less than 50% of its original price :)

3. Where to buy them? You can buy second hand tupperware from ebay directly.

As i mentioned above, try to see the live condition of the vintage tupperware with your own eye, better seek for the seller that stay near your area, send them an ebay message and see whether the seller allow you to check the condition of the products before you made the payment.

You don't want to pay for something you are not happy with later on, agree? :)

But of course, you need to allow certain level of tolerance, you can't expect that the second hand tupperware will have exactly same condition like new products.

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