Turbo Chef Tupperware

Turbo chef tupperware also known as Turbo Chopper. It is a very famous kitchen helper in the Tupperware World. The capacity of the Turbo chef is only about 300ml.

Although the capacity is small, it can help you to cut the foods in less than 30 seconds. The famous slogan about Turbo chef is to offer you " 288 cuts within 15 seconds ! "

Turbo Chef Tupperware Tips

You may asked:" How to give 288 cuts within 15 seconds?"

Well, the turbo chef itself is come in with 3 blades. 1 Pull of the turbo chef power chord allow the blades to turn 8 round. 8 round x 3 blades = 24 cuts.

1 pull of power chord is taking about 1.25 seconds.

15 seconds you can have about 12 pull. 12 pull x 24 cuts / pull = 288 cuts :)

But of course, the calculation is base on theoretically estimation, will that be really having 288 cuts within 15 seconds or not, it is hard for us to prove :)

However, what I can confirm to you is that, the blade of this turbo chef set is very sharp, it can cuts the food you need very fine within 4 - 7 pull. And the best part is, you won't feel like heavy obstacle when you do the pulling even though the container itself is full of food.

Tupperware Turbo Chef 300ml (Set of 1) -  $39.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

What you need to take precaution is that the blade is really very very sharp !  Don't try to test the sharpness of the blade with your own finger !

Always just put the blade to the water flow of your pipe to wash it. If necessary, just wipe it with your clothes, not with your own hand :) 

turbo chef tupperware front view with gift box

And remember, when you do the pulling of the power chord, make sure that you pull it out horizontally to the power chord handle level. Do not pull it upward or downward.

If you are doing so, the string of the power chord will keep on having friction with the edge of the power chord cap opening.. And when you do it repeatly, your power chord string will be damaged, and one day it will broken..

This kind of damaged happen to the power string is caused by misuse of the products, it is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime warranty..

And guess what? The power chord cap is the most expensive spare part among the whole set of the Turbo chef Tupperware.. Better start to use it correctly from today to save your hard earn money :)

This little kitchen helper is very efficient in cutting meat, ginger, chillies, garlic, onion, potatoes.. handy, relax and within very short time :) You no need to clean the whole kitchen after doing your cutting job ! 

You also no longer need to cry when cut your ginger, onion, garlic and chillies  :) And you can stop to sweat by just doing the meat chopping with your heavy knife :) 

In fact, perform your cutting with the Turbo chef tupperware basically don't have chance to hurt yourself at all ( if you use it correctly ) compare to holding a knife :)

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