Tupperware Water Dispenser Guide

Tupperware Water Dispenser 10L is a fantastic products that keep your family or your guests to have sufficient hydrated in whole day long :) 

You can use it to store ordinary drinking water or your favorite juices like orange juices or pineapple juices to serve your guests during any gathering or party events.

The water dispenser itself is build in with a handle, allow you to carry it around easily even after you had infilled with your juices.

tupperware water dispenser handleThis is how the water dispenser handle look like :) It can fit into the dispenser wall or take out easily for cleaning purpose :)

The handle need to fit in from the bottom part of the dispenser itself. From its design, you no need to worry that the handle will easily break even you carry the Tupperware water dispenser around with heavy water inside :)

From the arrow above, there is 2 slot in area at the container wall, so your handle rim can slot on to the container wall and it won't easily fall off.  

Tada ! This is how the Tupperware water dispenser handle look like after you fit on the dispenser. Please note that when you buy this water dispenser set, you need to fit in the handle yourself.

On top of the Tupperware water dispenser seal, you can see a round margarita color cap. A lot of people do not know what is the purpose of this round cap.

In fact, this cap help you to encourage higher water flow rate if you feel necessary. If there are lot of people in the queue to collect their drinks - it helps to save some queue time by helping your guests glass to fill up faster :)

What you need to do is just to press the cap as show in the picture above, to let the air flow in from the hole.

But of course, if you are filling your water dispenser with sweet drinks like milo or orange juices, remember to close back the round cap after everyone had take their drinks to avoid attract ants into your water dispenser :)

After installing your water dispenser handle, now you need to install the water tap. The tap set is come with a pack, with the tap itself, 2 washer and a jam nut.

In fact, from the packaging itself, it show clear instruction on how to fit the tap on to the water dispenser wall :) The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to place the washer correctly while fit on to the tap.

There is 2 side of the washer, flat surface side and round surface side, as you can see from the photo above.

Make sure that when fit on the washer, let the flat surface side touching the water dispenser wall; or else the water tap will leak after you pour in your drinks :)

First, install one of the washer to the tap itself. Let the round edge side at the tap direction, and the flat edge side to touch the water dispenser wall later on. 

Then, slot the tap into the water dispenser opening as above :)

Now, slot in another washer from the inner part of the water dispenser. Remember, make sure that the flat edge side of the washer is touching the water dispenser wall, not the other way round :)

Lastly, just turn in the jam nut then you are done :)

You can turn the tap lever position to suit your own convenience :)

When you want to turn on the tap , just pull up the lever as show above, then your drinks will flow out :)

This will be how is the water dispenser look like after installation complete :)

What is so special about this Tupperware Water dispenser?

In fact, other than carry the water dispenser with its handle, you can also carry the water dispenser by holding the projected tab at both side of the water dispenser wall.

Besides, you can also observe the current water level of the water dispenser itself from the window at front side; without need to open to seal again and again to check :)

You know, keep open up the seal to check the drink level is a tedious job, and no drinks to serve your guest is very embarasing.. and the clear window of the water dispenser solve your headache :)

And, the rectangular design of the water dispenser itself is saving space of your serving table :)

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