Tupperware Water Bottles Guide

Tupperware water bottles is always the best selling products among all the Tupperware ranges.

Today, I like to introduce to you the Tupperware Eco bottle , one of the best seller tumbler series:) 

If you look closely on Tupperware Eco bottle design, the middle of the body is designed to be sloped in so that you can grab it and on the go with single hand easily :)

And, the body of the bottle is designed be have sink in surface.

Other than form nice design, it will also helpful for easy gripping and it won't keep on rolling on the ground even you had dropped it on the sloped floor - you no need to chase your Tupperware Eco bottle :) 

Tupperware Eco Bottle 1L  (Set of 2) -  $28.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

Benefits of Tupperware Water Bottles..

The base of the eco bottle is design to be wide flat base, to keep your bottle remain stable at all time :) The picture above is showing the Tupperware Eco bottle 1L Flip Top Black and Yellow.

The flip top cover design allow you to flip open your water bottle cap easily within seconds, especially helpful when your car just stop at the traffic light and you want to drink water fast before the traffic light turn to green color again :)

But, if you are intend to keep the tumblers inside your luggage for check in, do not go for the flip top cover model. It may be accidentally open when the cap hook with the stuffs inside your luggage to get your luggage wet.

Use the Tupperware Eco bottle with screw cap will ensure 100% spill proof :)

There are different models of Tupperware Eco bottle with different capacity and colour, the eco bottle capacity varies from 310 ml , 500 ml , 750 ml, 1L and 2L, depend on your needs :) 

If you want to refill your drinks, just turn the cap, and you can have very wide bottle mouth allow you to refill your drinks very fast :)

If you look at the arrow pointing area from picture below, you will realize that the distance between grid line of Tupperware water bottles sprout is quite far, that allow you to clean it easily :)

If you buy this Eco bottle set, you will need to have Tupperware Eco bottle brush , or else it is hardly for your to clean the inner part of the eco bottle itself.

Please note that you will need to clean the inner eco bottle periodically. If can, try to clean it everyday after use to ensure your drink bottle is remain hygiene and clean at all time :)

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