Tupperware Vent Smart Guide

Tupperware Vent Smart Container range is a magical product series that introduced by Tupperware.  

The Vent Smart container able to help your vegetables to last very long time in the fridge compare to we keep the vegetables in normal containers inside the refridgerator. 

What is so special about Tupperware Vent Smart Series?

Each of the Vent Smart series container seal is build in with a movable slider.

You might not know that, in fact some of the vegetables still need to breathe in order to stay fresh for longer even though it had been plugged.

Some of the vegetables required breathe a lot, some of them only need intermediate breathe, whereby some of them do not required breathe at all.

From the Vent Smart series container wall, you can see Tupperware had actually printed different category of vegetable  in different breathe requirement.

tupperware vent smart

And the movable slider on the seal actually is act as an air control valve. You can move the slider to left, right or allow it to stay at the middle; that will lead to less air flow in, intermediate air flow in or smooth air flow in when you adjust the slider in different position.

Of course, you no need to memorize which position of slider shall meant for which type of vegetables; it will be too tiring :) You just need to take a look on the vegetables you plan to put into your Vent Smart container is fall under which table position from the picture ( Left ? right or middle? ) 

Then just adjust the slider accordingly. The air breathe system for vegetables; that is one of the secrets Vent Smart series container to keep your vegetables remain fresh as it is :)

The container itself is designed to be clear; you can see the food level and food content easily without need to open up the container :) 

Besides, at the bottom of the Tupperware Vent smart containers itself is designed to have 4 slopped channels. As you know that when we keep vegetables inside the fridge, due to cold temperature, there will be moisture created on the skin surface of vegetables.

When the water become bigger and heavier, it will dripped to bottom of the container base.. As time go on, the lower part of the vegetable will be soaked inside the water.. and that is the major reason that our vegetables will getting damaged and getting withered.

There is where the 4 slopped design come in so that the water will be drained to the bottom if the container base to keep your vegetable fresh and tasty :)

When your Vent Smart containers is not in used, you can stack the similar design container together in order to save your cabinet storage space :)

Here are some good Tupperware Ventsmart deal you might interested. 

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