Tupperware Tumblers Guide

Today, I wish to introduce to you one set of big size Tupperware Tumblers, that know as Beverage Buddy.

This tumbler itself is having very high capacity that up to 1.9 L.

The size of this Beverage Buddy set is about 19.9 cm (L) x 9.9 cm (W) x 22.2 cm (H)

The special about this tumbler is that it offer big capacity within very small size, the container itself won't look bulky when you carry it around.

Beverage buddy itself is attach with a holding strap, that you can carry it to office or out for picnic easily :)

tupperware tumblers

Tupperware Beverage Buddy Tumbler  (Set of 1) -  $19.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

The specials about Tupperware Tumblers Beverage Buddy:

You can see the cap design of this Beverage Buddy had been strengthen, it will not so easily defected compare to the old design of the cap.

In fact, the holding strap also had been strengthen to become more durable as well, you can see the middle part of the handle ( the position of our hand holding the strap ) also design to be more thick, and flat design, so that we can carry the strap firmly.

The high capacity of the beverage buddy, 2L is sufficient for an adult daily consumption. You can just bring one beverage buddy with you to keep you hydrated for one whole day :) 

This Beverage Buddy usually preferred by male user. You know man usually very keen to ensure that to have sufficient capacity to drink when chose their tumbler :)

When drink, you can hold the oval tumbler body easily with a single hand. The lid of the tumbler is attach with a small projected tab, you can open the lid easily by pull the lid tab with your finger.

You can refill and clean the Beverage Buddy inner body easily after open up the lid. But when come to close the lid, you need to press in the lid along the container edge. 

You can learn how to open and close the Tupperware lid correctly here.

The size of the beverage buddy can also fit into your fridge door perfectly.

You can keep some of your favorite drinks such as lemon juices, honey or apple juices in your beverage buddy, then keep inside the fridge.. and enjoy it whenever you like :)

But, please note that this beverage buddy is not allowed to place it horizontally ( Lying on the table )  Why?

The connection between the Tupperware Tumblers lid and the body is very long; unable to provide water tight ability from the Beverage Buddy side.  

It that cause your drinks inside the tumbler will be leak out if you put the Beverage Buddy lying down on table. And this scenario is not covered under Tupperware Lifetme Warranty.

But, if you drink from the Beverage Buddy directly, and you drinks leak from the connection point between lid and the tumbler body, it is covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.

If the strap or the lid of Beverage Buddy broken under domestic use, you can have the free replacement under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty :)

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