Tupperware Toys Review

Tupperware Toys had been one of the favorite choice for the parents, as they are non toxic, high quality as the actual tupperware. In fact, the toys is exactly the high quality tupperware products, just that it made into smaller size to suit small baby hand :)

Limited Tupperware Toys SetLimited Tupperware Toys Set

This limited edition Tupperware toy set is known as Mini masak set produced by Tupperware Malaysia. In malay words, "masak" means cooking. So mini masak set is define as mini cooking set :)

The other meaning for "masak" that translate by chinese means role play toy :) 

This mini masak set is come with a gift box to keep all these mini role play toy in one place for storage purpose. This mini masak set is recommended for kids within 3 years to 6 years old.

The gift box itself is quite attractive; it will be very presentable to serve as birthday presents or gifts instead of just storage box alone.

But, it is not that durable, just made by a thin paper box. You need to handle it with care if you wish to extend its life span :)

Tupperware Toys Components: 

This mini masak set is come along with few components:

tupperware mini cake takerTupperware mini cake taker

This mini cake taker set is come with a piece of plastic cake knife. It produced exactly like the real cake taker; but it is too small to insert any real cake in, it is designed to be comfortably hold by your baby small hand.

No need to worry that your baby will be hurt by the cake knife, it is design be round edge, that your baby won't get hurt by it.

tupperware mini bowl set of 4tupperware mini bowl set of 4

There is also 4 pieces of Tupperware mini bowl in 4 different sharp color :) The size of the mini bowl is nearly same size with our soy sauces plate. You can let your baby to role play it as a bowl, or you can use it as real soy sauces plates or chilli sauces plates whenever you need it :)

tupperware mini plates set of 4

Again, there is 4 pieces of mini size role play plates. In fact, this plate set is also know as zen small plates, that you can use it to serve small portion of food to your guest; such as some malay kuih muih ( Malay traditional desserts ) - Can serve about 2 - 3 pieces of kuih muih per plate.

You can also use it as sushi serving plates for your guests. Or your kids can use it to enjoy small portion of food like fried mee hon or fried rice.

tupperware mini mug toy set of 4tupperware mini mug toy set of 4

The mini mug set can be hold by your kid small hand, you can infill some drinking water or juices into it and let your kids enjoy playing with it :)

I ll suggest plain drinking water, so you no need worry the juices will dirty your kids shirts in case the liquids spilled out from the mini mug.

tupperware mini jug toytupperware mini jug toy

And, here is a tupperware mini jug toy. It hold by my daughter hand ( 12 years old ), so you can roughly figure out how cute of this Tupperware mini Jug :)

It is 100% actual, functional Tupperware Jug, in mini size :)

I brought this Tupperware mini masak set to her at her age of 3, and she keep them till now :)

Roughly get an idea of how cute on these mini tupperware toy? Sorry, this toy set is not for sale. They are extincted limited edition :)

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