Tupperware Thirstquake Tumbler Review

Tupperware Thirstquake tumbler is a suitable drinking bottle for kids within 7 to 10 years old. This tumbler capacity can fit in up to 900 ml.

If kids more than 11 years old, I think at least need to drink 1 L of water when they go to school.

The thirstquake tumbler is coming with a pouch, allow your kid to carry it easily to school. The pouch strap length is adjustable, so you can adjust it accordingly to your kid convenience.

But of course, this tumbler is not limited to kids alone, adult also can bring it out for few hours outing such as shopping, watch a movie or have a morning jog in the park.

But, if you plan to go out for whole day, it is definitely not enough for your whole day consumption.

What is so special about Tupperware Thirstquake Tumbler? 

The pouch strap also attach with a transparent slot, allow you to put in your kid name, so that your child will not confuse who is the ownership of the tumbler when there is more than one of the student use the same tumbler within the same class :)

The side of the pouch is elastic basket design, you can pull it out a bit to store few coins or keys if you bring it out to have a jog in the park and feel lazy to bring along with your wallet :)

The seal of the tumbler itself is liquid tight, that you no need to worry about your drinks spilled out. The seal is attach with a big tab, allow you to open up the seal easily.

And after open up the seal, you can clean through the inner side of the tumbler easily with brush or wet clothes. I ll suggest you to wash your tumbler everyday and do not keep overnight drink for hygiene purposes.

However, do not keep this tumbler lying horizontal in the car, as the small cap will pop up if your car is under the hot sun - The heat air generated will push the cap up, and your car cushion might get dirty and wet.

This tumbler body, seal and cap is covered under Tupperware lifetime warranty. You can replace it for free when there is damage, cracking or chipping defect within domestic use.

To get your replacement done, remember do not throw or lost the defect spare parts, you need to bring them to Tupperware center for replacement. The pouch and strap is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime warranty - And Tupperware so far do not sell it separately.

So. please take good care of your Tupperware Thirstquake Tumbler pouch :)

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