Tupperware That's A Bowl Review

Tupperware That's A Bowl set is a familiar product range for lot of chefs that love to bake cakes :)

The round design of this bowl set suitable for you to put in large volume of food, you can use it when you organize party to serve your guest, or bring out for picnic to have sufficient food to enjoy with your big family :)

This limited edition Purple Tupperware That's A Bowl set consist of 4 bowl, each of them in different capacity; from the smallest capacity 1.4 L, 3 L, 4.5 L and the biggest 7L .

Benefits of Tupperware That's A Bowl 

When the bowl set is not in use, you can open up the lids, and stack them one after another, from the smallest to the biggest to save your storage space :)

You will only need to have the space of the biggest bowl, the rest of the bowls can be hide inside it :)

Each of the bowl is coming with a handle, allow you to grab the bowl firmly when you trying to do cake batter inside the bowl.

It is also ideal to make your salad, rojak, mixed fruits inside this giant size bowl :)

Limited Edition purple tupperware thats a bowl set

Each of the lid is build in with a tab, allow you to open the lid effortlessly :) When you close the lid, try not to position the lid tab over the handle of the bowl itself, or else you will be difficult to open the lid later on..

Tupperware Thats a Bowl Set front view

This bowl set is totally liquid tight; allow you to bring your liquid type food such as curry chicken, black sauces fish, steam boat soup, mushroom soup out for gathering or picnic without any hassle :) 

You no longer need to worry that your car booth will bath with curry when you reach your picnic destination :)

The seal of the bowl set is very tight. Due to the size of the container is quite big, a lot of users complain that the lids is hard to close.

Actually, you can close the lid easily by following steps below:

1. Put the bowl on the table or any solid flat surface.

2. Put the seal on top of the bowl. ( Make sure that the seal tab do not overlap the bowl handle )

3. Put both thumb together and press in the lid to bowl wall.

4. Right thumb continue to press in the lid to the bowl wall while move along in anti clock wise direction.

5. left thumb continue to press in the lid to the bowl wall while move along in clock wise direction.

You can take a look on how to open and close Tupperware lid here for better idea :)

Here are some of the good deal for Tupperware Thats a Bowl set that you might interested :) 

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