Tupperware Tablecloth Review

A lot of tupperware sales force will put on Tupperware Tablecloth while doing the recruiting roadshow or kiosk, so that it look more professional and create brand awareness to the crowd :)

In Tupperware kiosk, after you put on the tablecloth, you can actually do product demo, demonstrate your Tupperware products on the table itself :)

It look more tidy and clean after you had put on the tablecloth :) You can custom made the tablecloth according to the dimension of your table.

I ll suggest that the table cloths shall be slightly longer or same height with your table height - so that it can cover underneath of your table completely.

After put on your Tupperware Tablecloth, you can store all your tupperware products underneath of the table in carton box without make your display counter look messy :)

And when your table cloth height long enough to touch the floor, it will cover up all your stocks underneath the table completely.. so no one will going to open your table cloth and take your tupperware products after you go home.

tupperware tableclothBlack color Tupperware Tablecloth

Well, if your tablecloth not long enough to cover your tupperware products, that your products always exposed to public even though you had back.. the risk of losing your tupperware products is there :)

Mixed color Tupperware TableCloth Design..

Here is the mixed color TableCloth design that put 1 overlay pink color clothes on top of the existing black color tablecloth. Hmm.. I suggest that you better stick back to the plain black color design shown in the first picture above.

Yes, it look more attractive and eye ball catching when there is mixed of color. But pink color is not a good color to withstand dirts. It may look nice initially; but after few round of Tupperware demo; with variery of food stains on it.. it's outlook will no longer pleasant :(

Plus, if you are using it to do roadshow or kiosk booth, you may need to adjust the pink color cloths position from time to time , as it will move when you moved your tupperware products on top of it; or else the design may not look not that presentable.

That's why I prefer to stick back to the 1 piece black cloths with the white Tupperware logo on it - easy to lay, look presentable, less headache and you can put 100% of your concentration to recruit or to chase for sales :)

You can get your Tupperware Table Cloth here

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