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Are you looking for a Tupperware Store to purchase your favorite Tupperware products? If you are looking for a physical Tupperware shop or tupperware center near your area, you might need to take some time to seek around your places.

As for my understanding, Tupperware service center will not be exist easily everywhere like 7 - Eleven or Watson Store.

tupperware store outlook

The photo above give you a rough idea on how is a Tupperware Store look like, look pleasant and nice right ? :)

Our easy to use online Tupperware Store.. 

If you are thinking that - "oh gosh ! I have no idea on where is the nearest tupperware shop nearby me", or "Well, I don't have time to visit the tupperware center nearby me either.."  or "it take me few hours of driving to reach the nearest tupperware shop in my town !"

Then, our tupperware store may able to fit your needs :) Tada ! Our store had just opened in july 2017 :) All the tupperware products sold in our store is original and authentic Tupperware :)

Regardless you are from which country, you can buy product from us as we will ship the item directly to your door steps. After you make the payment, what you need to do is sit down and relax, busy with your daily routine works, and wait for your favorite Tupperware products to arrive :)

We received payment via paypal, and we will ship the item to you according to the shipping method you chose. There is no hidden charges from our side, what you need to do is chose the product you like, then chose your shipping method ( different shipping method will have different shipping fees )

If after you chose your products, you do not see the shipping method for you to chose - It means that our shipping agent unable to ship to your country.

So you see? You will not having problems such as we unable to post your product to you after you had make the payment :) 

Most common questions from customers:

What if you never post out our item after I paid?

What if the item lost in transit or damaged or defected when I received it?

What if the item I received is not the item I ordered? 

Is the tupperware products you sell is original Tupperware ? 

All these are good questions :)

We received payment via paypal, after we received payment from customers, will post the item and update the tracking information to customers via customer paypal email address.

If you find out that we never update you any tracking code, or the tracking code updated is invalid, you can lodge a complain report to paypal, and paypal will fully refund your money if they find out that seller never ship the item after received payment.

You can try google and find more information about paypal, they are a trustworthy middleman between buyer and seller for very long time in the market :)

Same to questions above, if you received defected / damaged products, wrong products, or even worse, never received the products ( item lost in transit ), you can let us know via our website contact us form here

And if we do not entertain your request after you emailed us, you can lodge complain to paypal to get back your money, and now you see? 100% Risk Free ! 

How to order?

It is simple :) Just browse through our products below, if you find any products you love, just click on" Go to checkout", then chose your shipping address, then you can see the shipping option and shipping fees, chose the shipping method you want and make the payment via your paypal account.

Please note that you will get more benefits by buying more products within same transaction, as we charge shipping fees base on product weight.

If you buy more products within the same transaction, the weight will be heavier; heavier the product, the shipping rate / kg is cheaper - to save your shipping cost :)

If you had any further inquiry, feel free to ask us via contact us form

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