Tupperware Storage Guide

Are you looking for Tupperware storage ideas on how to keep your favorite Tupperware products with minimum spaces? 

Haha, this is the common problem that facing by most Tupperware lovers :) You know, ladies will buy the products as long as it look nice, where to keep them? Well, that is the issue we can figure out over here :)

Rule no 1, you need to separate the Tupperware lid and the tupperware base when you store them.

Most common mistakes that most folks make is apply the Tupperware Seal on it's Tupperware Base and keep inside the cabinet directly.

What's the disadvantages of this storage method?

First, the containers base will have odor smell if you reuse this container after very long time. Why? The air contented bacteria.  

The air inside the container was sealed, due to no air flow, the bacteria inside the container will breeding easily and cause odor smell inside the container :(

Solution? You can put in some lemon juices inside the containers, close the lid then keep it alone for 24 hours. Then wash and rinse the container. The lemon juice able to absorb odor smell :)

What if the odor smell still exist? Repeat the procedure above again until it all gone :) Some folks will put wet newspaper inside the container to get the same effect. Because the ink of the newspaper contain charcoal that able to absorb odor smell too.

But, I do not recommend this method, as lemon juices is food, but charcoal is not food..  I feel not so convenience to put charcoal into my food storage tupperware container :(

Secondly, if you seal your Tupperware Container and let it remain unused for long time, the air pressure inside the container itself will be much lower than air pressure outside of the container. 

As a result, your lid will be easily cracked due to the air pressure. Does it cover under Tupperware lifetime warranty if this problem happen?

Yes it is, but please bear in mind that by claiming Tupperware Lifetime Warranty, you do not earn an extra Tupperware lid, you are just able to get a replacement lid.. 

Why not protect your lid instead of visit Tupperware center to claim for replacement?

Don't forget that the replacement lid you received might not match your existing container base color.. and you might need to wait for very long time if the lid you want to replace is out of stock :(

More Tupperware Storage Tips

Remember to take out the unused Tupperware products and simply wash it for at least 6 months a time - for moisturizing your Tupperware containers. If you not doing so, the skin of the container base or lids might be over dry, that cause the container skin to be peeling off.

Does Tupperware container skin peel off covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty? Yes it is :) 

As I mentioned earlier, containers and lids shall be store separately. It helps to save your storage space too :) 

Try to put the small container base into the big container base, and stack the similar size lids toegether to save your storage space - just like photo below :)

tupperware storage ideasHere is some Tupperware Storage Ideas :)
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