Tupperware Steamer Guide

Tupperware Steamer is one of the famous kitchen helper to help you steam your food easily :)

When talking about steam food, I always remember the traditional bamboo steamer that used to steam dim sum and pao :)

My favorite breakfast :) 

By the way, if you have no idea what is pao.. this is how pao look like :)

paomy favorite breakfast - read bean pao :)

But the problem is, with the traditional bamboo steamer will get dirty after awhile you had using it; and the stubborn dirt on bamboo steamer is very hard to clean.

Dirty bamboo steamer :(

It is quite awful to use the dirty bamboo steamer, as it is not hygiene, and the only choice is to throw it away and buy the new set of bamboo steamer....which is quite wasteful :(

This is not a problem anymore since I use Tupperware Steamer :) It is easy to clean and you no need to replace your steamer again and again :) The steamer itself is come with 1 lid and 2 steamer rack. 

Red Tupperware SteamerRed Tupperware Steamer Set :)

What so special about this Tupperware Steamer Set? 

Each steamer rack is come with 2 handle. You can stack the rack on each other and put into the wok directly. Then just infill the water up the indicator line ( Please refer to the picture above on the arrow pointing area )

Even the hot water in your wok go up to 100 Celsius, your steamer will still remain stable inside the wok, no need to worry that the dish inside the steamer will fall out :)

And when your food is finished steamed and ready to serve, you can use your bare hand to hold the the steamer handle ( No need to use gloves or wet clothes )

Of course, if you wish to check the food condition during steaming, you can always just use your bare hand to hold the cover handle to open up the cover :)

tupperware steamer cover and rack set

You may realized that there is 2 ventilation holes besides the cover handle. This is where the heat will release from the steamer itself while steaming. 

When you open the steamer cover, make sure your hand do not cross over above the ventilation holes, as the heats released may hurt your hands :)

The special technology of this steamer will allow the moisture generated during steaming will accumulated at the inner part of the cover, and then dripped off from the side of the steamer wall.. to ensure that your steaming pao will not had added water; or your steaming fish, steaming chicken will not had  "unexpected added water" into your fish soup or chicken soup :)

If you had steam with traditional bamboo steamer before, then you know that these added water will make your food totally run out of its original taste after "bath" with additional water :(

But Tupperware Steamer had totally get rid off this problem for you :)

Tupperware Steamer  (Set of 1) -  $29.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

And if you observe the bottom part of the steamer rack, the surface is not flat, but it is ridged from the flat surface.

The whole idea is to have less connection surface with your food :)

Do you have experience to steam pao or dim sum with traditional bamboo steamer before?

If yes, you must encounter before that your pao or dim sum stick to the base of the steamer itself :( 

With this ridged surface technology, you no longer need to worry that your pao or dim sum will stick on the bottom of your steamer.

Check on the video below to get know more about the steamer :)

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