Tupperware Spice N Salt Set Guide  

Tupperware Spice N Salt Set is a handy storage container set that use to save your spice and cooking ingredients such as black pepper, curry powder, sugar, salt, flour, rock sugar, dry chili, chili powder, green curry powder and etc.

The size of the container itself is about 5cm wide x 12cm tall, 500 ml and it come in set of 2.

What is so good on this Tupperware Spice Container?

The container itself is build in with an easy to hold handle; and the container design in such a way that is more lengthy and thin body, so that it can fit in a lot of Spice N Salt set within the same rack; for different kind of spices.

The container wall is clear with some beautiful design on it :)

You can see through the container to identify the content and also level of the content easily without need to open the container lid.

To open up the container, you just need to use your left hand thumb to press on the back flip of the lid, and it will open.

I ll suggest you to put in a tea spoon in each of your Spice N Salt Container for easy scooping purposes..

Tupperware Salt N Spice 500 ml Set  (Set of 2) -  $18.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

Try not to use the same spoon to scoop for all spices.. or else it may all mixed up together. 

This Salt N Spice set shall placed on the rack or cabinet that just right in front or beside your wok, so you can reach them easily and add your spices while cooking :)

tupperware spice 2Tupperware spice 2

After you had take the spices you need from the container, put the spoon back into the container, released your left thumb from the flip, then the cover will closed down by itself.

At this time, you shall use your right hand index finger to knock on top of the cover one time, and the cover will "suck" to the the container itself for completed closed of the container :) 

I ll suggest you to have at least  8 to 10 sets of this Spice container to store different kind of spices or cooking ingredients, so that you can reach your favorite spices easily while you are cooking :)

Sound too much? Not really if you do a detail counting :) What you usually needed for cooking? Salt, pepper, sugar, rock sugar, dry chili, chili powder, green curry powder, flour, corn flour, spiced powder..

Already needed 10 containers for spices above :)

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