Tupperware Speedy Mando Guide

Tupperware speedy mando is a fantastic tool to help you to cut your vegetables such as onions, potatoes, ginger, carrot into very slim and even thickness easily, without having any chance to hurt yourself, if you are using it properly. 

Tupperware Speedy Mando components

The Speedy mando set is consist of 3 major components, which are the red plunger, the food guider and the blade platform.

Tupperware Speedy Mando Blade Platform

The bottom part of the blade platform is build in with lot of grid, allow you to place the blade platform on top of different size of the containers and remain stable when you are using the speedy mando.

The cut food ingredients will be dropped off from the blade position, make sure that you position your container below the blade before start to cut.

Tupperware Speedy Mando Food Guider

The speedy mando food guider is the component to insert your food ingredient to be cut. You need to insert the food guider on the blade platform before the cutting works and you need to uninstall it after the work done for easy cleaning purposes.

Step 1 - insert the left slot of the food guider on the blade platform first.
Step 2 - press the food guider wall with your thumb, so that the right edge tab can be fit on to the blade platform.
step 3 - the food guider fit on to the blade platform completely.

There is a projected edge tab on left side and right side of the food guider. You can insert one side of the edge tab on to the blade platform first. ( As step 1 picture above - insert left edge tab )

Then, insert another side of the edge tab on the blade platform by pressing in the food guider wall with your thumb. The wall itself is designed to be soft, so you no need to press it very hard. ( As step 2 picture above )

The step 3 picture above showing the food guilder fit on the blade platform completely. You can test it by moving the food guider, it can move up and down smoothly after it fit on to the blade platform.

From the top view, you can see that there is 2 little hole on each side of the food guider. ( the pointing arrow as show in picture above )

It is the position for you to slot in the red plunger, after the red plunger slot in, the position of the food guider will be locked. You can hang the whole speedy mando on the wall; and the red plunger won't fall out, and the food guider will remain locked in center, unmoved.

Speedy Mando Red Plunger

After put in the food ingredients into the food guider, you use the red plunger to press on it so that the food ingredients will be slice easily.

How Speedy Mando works?

First, I place a container underneath the speedy mando - Make sure that underneath of the blade position is within the container coverage area as the sliced food will dropped into the container from the blade area.

Then i put in the garlic that I want to slice into the food guider. 

Then, you need to fit on the red plunger on to the food guider. You need to see there is an 2 side arrow show inside the red plunger at vertical direction, then it has been installed correctly.

Then, use your left hand to grab the handle, and grab the plunger with your right hand and push the red plunger downward, then pull it back upward. Just repeat the process of push and pull then it will be done :)

The blade is very sharp, that you can just move the red plunger relax, without required heavy strength :)

If you are doing the slicing job on the table directly, you can hold the Speedy mando in slope position as shown in the picture above. There is 2 black color anti skid stopper at the speedy mando chef edge, so it will remain stable during your slicing job.

Tada ! You can see the outcome of the slicing job here. Each pieces of the garlic sliced is very thin, and even. You can get it done very fast, won't get yourself hurt and bypass years of blade training with Tupperware Speedy mando :)

Important Tips:

1. The blades is very sharp ! Do not test its sharpness with your finger :) When you are cleaning the speedy mando after used, clean it with a wet cloth and rinse with water.

2. When the blade platform falling to ground, let it fall ! Do not try to grab it with your hand. You may hurt yourself if you are accidentally touch the blade while you are trying to grab it.

3. The blade platform itself is dishwash safe. But it is better to wash it manually to keep the blade longevity.

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