Tupperware Speedy Chef Tips

Tupperware Speedy chef is your wonderful kitchen helper, especially if your hobby is baking cake :)

The speedy chef itself is come with a handle, a whisk, a container base and also a seal for your container base. The speedy chef container base capacity is around 1.35 L 

In fact, when you buy your speedy chef, it is coming with a gift box. You can keep your speedy box inside the gift box for storage when not in use.

But, please make sure you dry it off before putting into the gift box, or else it won't sustain for long time if always get wet :)

Tupperware Speedy Chef  (Set of 1) -  $54.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

The benefits of Tupperware Speedy Chef..

So, what is so special about this speedy chef ? You might not believe, it can whips the egg white even faster than the electric cream whipper. If you had try bake cake yourself before, then you know that you need to whip the egg white or cream for at least 20 minutes by using the electric cream whipper.

In fact, it is quite a tiring job, as the duration is quite long, and the electric whipper is very heavy if you need to hold it and keep playing the cream with it for 20 minutes..

With the Tupperware Speedy Chef, these jobs no longer a hassle for you :) It can help you to whip the cream or york white within 10 minutes. In fact, I had tried whipped the egg york myself with speedy chef, it take about 2 .. maximum 3 minutes to whip the egg white.

You can just need to hold the base with your left hand, then the right hand turn the handle with clock wise direction. You no need to turn is very fast, just turn it at normal speed ( Speedy chef means it can done the whip job very fast for you , not that you need to turn the handle very fast while using it :)

About 2 minutes time, you can feel that the handle become more hard to turn, means that the york whipping job is done. You can even do magic presentation to your friends; when you feel the handle is harder to turn, put the speedy chef container base on top of your head, turn the container base upside down :)

No worries, the egg white will remain inside the container base, it won't fall on to your head :) Try it and see, it is fun to see your friend shocking faces :)

P/s - egg white remain inside the container means it had been whips densely, perfect whipping, that is why it didn't fall out :)

Plus, this speedy chef container base is attached with an anti slip rubber, that your container base will remain stable as is it on the table during your whipping job :)

The turning knob and the whisk itself can be opened up for easy cleaning and easy to store when not in use :)  

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