Tupperware Spatula Review

Tupperware had launched quite a lot of models of Tupperware Spatula, I am going to share with you some the spatulas that I am familiar about :)

Silicone Tupperware Spatula

This Tupperware silicone spatula size is 29 cm (L) x 5.5 cm (W) x 0.6cm ( thk). The holder of the spatula itself is coming with a hole, that you can hook it on the wall to save your storage space when not in use :)

Well, I believe you will love it from the design itself :) It look so elegant and stylish.. I feel myself like a chef even by holding it alone :)  

And you know, tupperware products is not only looking nice, it is good to use as well. It is flexible and durable - you can using it for many times and still keep it in good shape :) 

It is your perfect tool for stirring and mixing your batter.  And, its biggest advantage over ordinary spatula is, you can easily scrap the last drop of your batter out from your mixing bowl - with a single scrap ! No kidding ! 

Tupperware Silicone Spatula  (Set of 1) -  $22.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

A lot of ordinary spatula will remain a lot of batter in your mixing bowl even you had scrap them again and again.. and that is quite.. impatient :)

tupperwaare spatula set hooked on wallYou can see my big spatula and mini spatula set that hook on my pantry wall :)

And, second obvious advantage that you use Tupperware spatula over the ordinary spatula is that, you won't smell any plastic taste from your batter, even though you mixed it in hot temperature :)

Do i mentioned to you that Tupperware Silicone spatula can withstand up to 220 Celsius? :)

You know tupperware products is having good quality :)

P/s - sometimes I use it to flip my frying fish, no problem at all :)

Myself used to buy the normal spatula, that is much cheaper than the tupperware spatula.. but when plastic taste come out from my batter..

I throw all my batter away.. I suspect that the plastic of the ordinary spatula had melt inside the batter.. and I don't risk my family health for that.. Never !

Anyhow.. it is quite sad to see my long effort batter drained into sink :( But now, I am happy with Tupperware Silicone spatula with no complaints :)

holding big tupperware spatula :)my daughter holding my big spatula :)

The spatula handle is designed in such a "suitable" length  , not too short, not too long, that you can use it for doing all the "spatula works" easily without dirty your hand, no sweating :)

Tupperware Thin silicone Spatula

The size of the Tupperware thin silicone spatula is 28 cm (L) x 2.2 cm (W) x 0.8cm thk. It is also had a hook on its handle, pretty much of its feature same as his mother above :)

Tupperware Thin Spatula  (Set of 1) -  $17.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

holding Thin silicone tupperware spatulaMy daughter holding my thin tupperware spatula :)

It is more suitable to use when you are making batter for small portion within a small container - that do not have enough space for your big spatula to move around :)  

My daughter love to use it to apply fruit jam, kaya or butter on her bread for breakfast :) 

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