Tupperware Spaghetti Dispenser

Tupperware Spaghetti Dispenser is a * Must have* product for Spaghetti lovers :)

The dispenser is actually form by the modular mates 5 together with the inner Spaghetti insert.

The modular mates 5 container itself is an air tight container to ensure your food to remain fresh and crispy for long period of time :)

You can get know more about Tupperware modular mates here.

The spaghetti dispenser size is about 9cm ( Dia) x 28.5 cm (H) , 1.1 L.

The container body itself is come with a clear window, so you can see the content level inside without need to open the container seal :)

The height of the modular mates round 5 can fit in your spaghetti size, without need to cut your favorite spaghetti length :)

Tupperware Spaghetti Dispenser RedTupperware Spaghetti Dispenser with Red Lid :)

The spaghetti dispenser itself is attach with a removable spaghetti insert.

Tupperware Spaghetti Dispenser Insert 

tupperware spaghetti insertTupperware Spaghetti Insert

The spaghetti insert is label with number 1 and number 2 on its surface.

If you wish to get serving portion for 1 pax, then you just need to get one time spaghetti serving from number 1 serving slot.

When you try to get serving portion for 2 pax, then just take your spaghetti from the number 2 serving slot.

modular mates round body and sealThe correct method to close your modular mates round seal :)

The modular mates round seal is come with a projected tab on each opposite side. And the body of the modular mates round body edge is designed to have one slot at each side to fit for the seal.

When close the seal, make sure that your seal tab is fit on to the modular mates body correctly. If the seal tab is cover over the raised edge around the modular mates round; then the air can be flow into the container and the spaghetti inside the container unable to remain fresh as it is.

If you let me to chose the seal color between the red seal and black seal; I will definitely go for black seal for stain proof. You know, the stubborn stain will stick on the seal when we occasionally open the container seal on and off with dirty hand.

The stain will look very obvious on red seal, whereby it unable to see it clearly through the black seal :)

However, there is a way to clean your modular mates red seal with stains :) You just need to pour over small quantity ( about 3 to 5 drops ) of wind oil over the stained surface, then wipe the surface hard with the dry clothes until the wind oil went off. 

You can repeat few times if the stains still remain until it went off :)

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