Tupperware Snack N Stack Guide

This is a set of Limited Edition Tupperware Snack N Stack Canister set. This canister set come with total 18 containers, in 3 different capacity, and 6 different color :)

The capacity of the canisters varies from 1.1 L, 1.7 L and 2.4 L. The size of the 1.1 L canister is 15cm ( Dia) x 10.5 cm (H). The size of the 1.7 L canister is 16.6 cm (Dia) x 12.7 cm ( H ) and the size of the 2.4 L canister is 18.6 cm (Dia) x 13.4 cm (H)

The beauty of Tupperware Snack N Stack..

The whole canister set is form from 6 color, orange, blue, pink, mango, green and purple :) The colorful design of this canister set itself is very eye catchy :)

You can see the canister body itself have vertical textured design; that is why this canister set also known as Textured canister set :)

The key feature of the texture canister is that the container surface is anti scratch design, so it won't "hurt" with little scar easily compare to the normal container.

Limited Edition Tupperware Snack N Stack Canister SetLimited Edition Tupperware Snack N Stack Canister Set

You may wondering :" Oh my god.. so many containers.. where am I suppose to keep all of them? " 

front view of tupperware snack n stack canister set of 18This Tupperware Snack N Stack canister set look so attractive... agree ? :)

But in fact, they are purposely design in 3 different capacity, so that they can put the smaller container into bigger container.. yup , you get it right  :)

You only need to ready storage space to store 6 pcs of 2.4 L Canister only, not 18 pieces :)

The canister seal itself is virtually air tight and liquid tight :) It is ideal to put some dry food such as cookies, biscuits, spring roll, or even your coffee powder, milk powder, it won't get harden in your container at all :)

18 canisters... you can treat your guest with multi choice of food :)

Each seal is build in with a tab, you can open the canister easily to enjoy your favorite food :)

You can also bring your favorite food out for picnic, party in your friend house or any gathering events without need to worry the sauces or soup will dripped off the containers during your journey :)

There is only a little concern by having this set is that.. due to its air tight and liquid tight feature.. its seal is very tight :(

When you initially try to close the seal on the canister.. you will feel like the seal is smaller than than the canister base that you impossible to fit in at all !

Well, you just need to put the canister on the table, put the seal on top of it, and try to press in the lid on the canister wall edge with both thumb. 

You can check in details here on how to close the round canister seal

The trick is that when your both thumb meet each other at the top of the canister seal, try to use your index finger and middle finger from both hand to push in the container wall.. and press the lid into container wall edge with both of your thumb at the same time.

After few times of closing, then you will amazing find out that the lid can be fit into the container itself more "naturally" without need to use high strength :)

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