Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy Guide

Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy is a very good toy that help to increase your kids intelligence while enjoying playing with it.

The shape o toy itself is come with 10 plastic blocks.

The plastic blocks and the Shape O Toy itself is also made of BPA free and toxic free Tupperware plastic, as long as the toy is clean, no need to worry your kids accidentally put the toys into mouth :) 

The blocks size also design in big size to avoid the risk that kids and baby to swallow or choked with the block accidentally :)

The shape O Toy itself is coming with a gift box, you can send it as a gift to your loves one :)

There are few ways of playing with this toy.

You can see that the toy itself is come with a lot of hole with different shape.

You can guide your kids to find the same shape of the block that meet the hole shape and insert into the shape o toy.

tupperware shape o ball toy

What is so good on this Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy?

This game able to train baby hand flexibility and identify different shape of block, and coordinate between the hand and the brain.

After the all blocks had been insert into the Shape O Toy, you can taken it out easily by pulling out the handle of both side of the ball, just like picture below :) 

Besides, each toy block is printed with different number on one side, and the other side of the block is printed with respective dot quantity to the number.

You can use the numbers on the block to teach your baby to identify different numbers, and teach them to count the dot that reflect to the numbers :)

The shape O toy is more recommended for baby 6 months or above.

After your baby had finished play with the shape o toy, you can keep all the blocks within the shape o Toy itself so it won't get missing.

The whole set of this shape O Toy is covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty; which mean that if you are using it under domestic usage, and it breaks, skin peel off, chipping, you can bring to any Tupperware center in any part of the world to ask for replacement - Lifetime :) 

Please note that impact damage is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime warranty, please don't let you kids to throw it here and there :)

You can get some good Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy deal here 

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