Tupperware Season Serve Guide

Tupperware Season serve is a very helpful kitchen tool for doing marinades. The season serve itself is build of 2 containers :) You can see how Season serve look like as below :)

It is ideal to serve your oily food, such as fried chicken, sate or grilled chicken. If you pay close attention at the surface of the season serve, it is full with small projectile up, that if there is any oil, it will dripped to the bottom of the container and your favorite grilled chicken won't soak within oil.

From picture above, you can see that both containers of the season serve surface also build in with these small projectile :)

You can also use one of the containers of the season serve as cover to cover up your food to keep it hygiene when you are not attend into it. 

What is so special about Tupperware Season Serve?

In fact, the main purpose of the build in projectile is not just to keep the oil separated from your fried chicken meat surface, but it is used as "hammer" to hit the meat when you hold the season serve and swing it upside down.

The meat will get soften, and the marinade sauce will soaked into your marinade meat easily. As a result? Your marinade meats will more juicy and tasty after grilled :)

And, I will suggest that when you swing your marinades meat in season serve, try to do it at your pantry sink, or any area that you find easily to clean up.

As the marinades juices might have chance to spill out a little bit while you are swinging your Tupperware Season Serve. The chance of spill out might be tiny; but it is always good to be safe :)

The edge of the season serve is the right spot for firm hand grip with your both hand while you are doing the swing jobs :)

After swing the Tupperware Season serve, you can just keep your BBQ sauces with chicken remain inside the season serve container, and keep inside the fridge. 

Try to flip the season serve to the other side after every 4 hours and put into your fridge again if possible for at least 2 times ( to ensure your BBQ sauces to cover every inch of your chicken meats )

Basically, marinades of your BBQ chicken shall take at least 24 hours to ensure premium taste BBQ chicken :)

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