Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Review

This is a set of Limited Edition Hello Kitty Tupperware Sandwich keeper set that launched by Tupperware Malaysia in the early year of 2017.

This sandwich keeper set is come with 2 sets beautiful sandwich keeper ( one black color and one pink color ) and 2 sets of 470 ml tumblers ( also one black color and one pink color )

This sandwich keeper set is Tupperware getting original Hello kitty patented products.  

From the set itself you can see clearly that the black color sandwich keeper and tumbler is meant for boy and the pink color sandwich keeper and pink color tumbler is meant for girls :)

The design of the tumbler itself is same as the classic Tupperware Thirstbreak tumbler design, just that change the printed picture to hello kitty and apply different color on the tumbler body, seal and cap :)

Limited Released Hello Kitty Tupperware Sandwich Keeper SetLimited Released Hello Kitty Sandwich Keeper Set

The size of the tumbler itself is about 7.8 cm ( Dia) x 17.2 cm (height) . The tumbler diameter is designed so that a kid small hand can hold it easily for drinking purpose :)

tupperware sandwich keeper set front viewtupperware sandwich keeper set front view

However, this model of drinking tumbler is not suitable to put remain inside the car, as if the car leave unattended under the hot sun, the heat inside tumbler will be push upon the cap until it "pop up" open. 

You can imagine if this tumbler with drinks lying horizontally in your car seat and the cap pop to open... And it is not advise to put inside the school bag too, as the cap will be easily open if the cap is hook by any objects.. your kid school bag will be bathing..

You need to bring this tumbler out by hand, or put it in another hand carry bag alone to ensure no accidentally spill over.

Review of the Tupperware sandwich keeper

The size of the sandwich keeper is about 13.9 cm (L) x 13.2 cm (W) x 5.2 cm (H). It is designed can be insert 2 piece of bread fitly together with your favorite sandwich dressing :)

The sandwich keeper itself is come with a lock at the middle of sandwich keeper cap, to keep the seal locked after you had put in your sandwich :)

I ll suggest that when you let your kid to bring along this sandwich keeper to school, it is better to put into another hand carry bag, don't keep it within the school bag itself.

Why? Because the nice hello kitty picture printed on the sandwich keeper can be scratched off.. it may be happened when the the sandwich keeper surface in contact with the sharp edge of the school text book for long run.

And , please wash the outer body of your tumbler and sandwich keeper with soft clothes softly, so that the nice printed picture will remain as new as it is on the container surface :)

Please note that printed picture on tupperware surface went off is not covered under Tupperware lifetime warranty; so please treat it nicely to keep the picture beauty as it it :)

You can also buy different model of Tupperware Hello Kitty sandwich keeper here 

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