Tupperware Sales Tips

You might not aware that Tupperware sales actually keep on running from time to time none stop :)

Tupperware will issue the Limited Time offer catalog within certain time frame, usually within 1 month to 1 and half months.

Within that period of time, tupperware will launched certain new Tupperware products models that only available within that period of time only. 

Tupperware Sales Promotion Details..

There are many version of tupperware offer - sometimes tupperware will give special extra discount on the limited released products, say extra 10% or 20% on top of the existing member discount of 25%.

Sometimes it will give extra discount on existing regular items only within that period of time :)

Sometimes Tupperware will released new products with special introduction price. ( much lower than official launched price, sometimes will save RM 50 or even RM 100 )

Or Tupperware will released their package in purchase with purchase basis; if you buy product A, then you are entitled to buy product B in super low promotion price.

sales tupperwareSample of sales tupperware ongoing :)

Tupperware also will offer sales discount, such as if you are able to reach certain sales amount within the same order, then you can buy the selected special limited edition product in very low price.

You must pay full attention on the duration of the promotion periods on the Limited Time Offer.

When the promotion duration had expired, the tupperware center will unable to sell you the limited edition product or special promotion price. They had no choice but Tupperware HQ will call back all the unsold limited time offer Tupperware products.

Will these limited edition products relaunched again in future promotion? Hard to say, sometimes it will re-appear, sometimes it will long gone forever.

This strategy is to create urgency and set a deadline to purchase among their Tupperware customers. Either you grab this super deal now, or you may lost it forever ! 

Honestly speaking, this strategy is quite effective and successfully to turn lot of the Tupperware customers become Tupperware collectors ( I am one of them :P )

Some experienced tupperware sales force will applying the strategy to buy up the promotion items that they think is a good deal. ( Attractive limited edition products in super promotion price )

Then they wait the promotion ended and mark up the price and sell to their customers that seeking for past promotion limited released. ( A typical example of buy low, sell high ) to make lucrative profit :)

Human behaviors hard to figure out, when the promotion is ongoing, they don't want.. when the promotion ended, they seek high and low for that particular products :)

In fact, this is one of a scenario that tupperware sales force won't go to bad price war competition; as even all of them are selling tupperware, but they individually will holding the limited stocks of different limited released Tupperware products for sell :)

You can check out our Latest Tupperware Sales promotion here :)

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