Tupperware Royal Serving Set Guide

Tupperware had launched the Tupperware Royal Serving Set to celebrate the coming Hari Raya festival in middle of June 2018.  

This Serving set itself is coming with 4 serving Server, as follow:

1. Soup Server 1.8 L and soup ladle

size : 28.1 cm ( L ) x 20.6 cm (W) x 11.7 cm (H)

2. Legacy Saucy Dish 1.1 L and serving spoon

size : 28 cm ( L ) x 20.6 cm (W) x 9.1 cm (H)

3. Serving platter 600 ml and serving spoon 

size: 32.3 cm (L) x 20.6 cm (W) x 6.5 cm (H)

4. Oval server 1.8 L and serving spoon

size: 32.3 cm (L) x 20.5 cm (W) x 10.3 cm (H)

tupperware royal serving set

As you see above, the cover of the server set is pink and the server container body and soup server is in red color. The design is elegant and noble, suitable to serve your honorable guest :)

The container have high capacity to serve sufficient portion of food to your family members or guests. 

What is so special about Tupperware Royal Serving set?

You can stack it one after another to save your cabinet storage place when not in use :)

Each of the serving platter is designed with a inserting slot for your soup ladle to rest on, so that the fly or other insects can't get on your food even though you had insert the soup ladle into your platter.

Besides, you can place the soup ladle on top of the cover holder itself when not in use, to avoid it to touch on the table directly.

This Royal Red serving set is serve for 3 purposes, 1st is as serving set to serve your guest.

2nd purpose is microwaveable container. You can insert this serverware set together with your food into microwave for reheat purposes without need to transfer the dish to another container.

The 3rd purpose is serve as storage container to keep your unfinished dishes into fridge for next day consumption. 

The best part is, you are entitle to buy this cute little Royal Red Sambal Dish with spoon 110 ml ( set of 2 ) if you brought the Tupperware Royal serving set as PWP item ( purchase with purchase )

The size of this cute sambal dish bowl is about 14.4 cm (L) x 10.3 cm (W) x 5.3 cm (H)

You can use this sambal dish bowl to serve small portion of decoration food, such sambal, chili padi, chili sauces or tomato sauces, fried onion with oil to spice up your meal :)  

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