Tupperware Round Bowl Review

Tupperware Round bowl set is a limited edition bowl set. The design of the bowl itself is more like fruits. 

The size of the Tupperware round bowl itself is about 13 cm (Dia) x 7 cm (H), 350ml

It is suitable to keep for some snacks, small portion of biscuits, fruits such as pineapple, watermelon or apple slices.

You can bring it out and keep inside your hand bags, to enjoy your favorite food whenever you like :) 

Tupperware Limited Edition Orange bowl 350 ml  (Set of 1) -  $12.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

The seal itself is attached with a tab, for you to open the seal easily :) 

tupperware orange bowl front viewTupperware orange bowl front view.

You can also used to serve as little lunch box that keep some fried mee or fried rice for your kids to bring to school for lunch :)

Tupperware Round Blossom Bowl Set 

Here is another set of famous bowl set, that name as Microwaveable Blossom bowl set. This blossom bowl set is green color, each of the bowl size is about 15.7 cm (Dia) x 5.2 cm (H), 600 ml each.

This bowl set can be put into your microwave for reheat purpose. 

Tupperware Blossom Bowl 600ml  (Set of 4) -  $19.80 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

You can't put raw food into this bowl and intend to cook into microwave until it cooked; it is purely meant for reheat purposes only. You shall only set the reheat duration most within 2 minutes.

And, remember do not put the oily food in this bowl set for reheat in microwave to avoid melting defects. The surface of this bowl set itself is come with anti scratch design, that you hardly to left scratch scar on it with your metal fork or spoon :)

You can also save your storage space by stacking these bowl set one after another when not in use. The con part about this bowl set is that the surface is a bit hard to clean when you use it to serve oily food content.

The stubborn oil stain on the bowl surface need to wash with more detergent compare to the normal bowl, and rinse with water few times to get it clean.

Tupperware purple blossom bowl setTupperware Limited Edition Purple Blossom Bowl Set

This is another Limited edition Purple Blossom bowl set that released by Tupperware malaysia in early 2017. 

This set had been moving very fast and all stocks had been sold within 2 weeks since it launched. Now this Purple blossom bowl set is discontinued item now.

Due to its limited production and attractive colour, this blossom bowl set is selling at much higher price by the Tupperware seller.

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