Tupperware Rock N Serve Review

I treat Tupperware Rock N Serve container set is as "higher quality" microwave reheat range compare to the normal Tupperware reheat series.

Why? You are feel free to put in food with higher oily content such as curry chicken, fried chicken, fried rice into the microwave for reheat with no side effects left on the containers :)

What so special about Tupperware Rock N Serve? 

Most reheat N Eat range series of tupperware products is not recommend to put in oily content food for reheat..

Worry that container wall may be melt as oil will absorb high heat from the microwave itself during the reheat process..

Please note that melting defect is not covered under Tupperware lifetime warranty :(

But, the Rock N Serve series containers will not having this problem at all :)

Plus, the curry coloring can be absorbed into your Reheat N Eat container wall and made the color of your container look weird :( 

Tupperware Rock N Serve container SetLimited Edition Purple Tupperware Rock N Serve Container Set :)

( It is hard to clean, no matter you soaked into detergent liquid for days - and I still unable to find an effective way to clean it yet )

purple color Tupperware Rock N Serve Container SetElegant Design lunch box.. Agree? :)

Your container still safe to store with food without any ingredient that harming your body.. but it is not so pleasant when your favorite container look like " polluted " by the curry sauce.

Whereby, thanks to elegant design of Rock N Serve, the curry sauce will unable absorbed by the container wall, and it will remain beauty as it is no matter you use it to contented any food :)

Basically, you can prepare your food and keep inside this amazing container and keep inside the freezer, then tomorrow can de-froze it and put inside the microwave for reheat.

After reheat, you can enjoy your favorite food directly :) It is also serve as a lunch box that you can bring it out for picnic, or as your home made lunch in office, or can bring it to school for your children :)

Remember that when you put it inside the microwave, you need to press on the vent cap to open; to ensure that the heat from the container can be released out during your reheating process - A very important step that Must Comply ! It may cause BOOM to your container inside microwave if the heat is compressed inside your container ! 

If you look at the bottom of the container itself, it had 4 projected dot, that allow the container to remain stable on table and not easy to slipped while you are enjoying your favorite food :) 

It is dishwasher safe, and the vent cap on the lid is removable for easy cleaning purposes :)

Looking for Rock N Serve Container? You may find few good deal here :)

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