Tupperware Rice Dispenser Review

Tupperware Rice Dispenser is a very good rice storage container. It allow you to store rice up to 10.5 kg. The rice pack that we buy from the shopping complex is about 10 kg per pack. 

The storage space of 10.5 kg is sufficient to contain 1 full rice pack :) The rice dispenser itself is consisting of a cover, a rice dispenser base,  a rice dispenser container and also a small serving dispenser.

tupperware rice dispenserTupperware rice dispenser

The benefits of Tupperware Rice Dispenser

The rice dispenser container wall is design to nearly transparent, so you can see through the rice level inside the dispenser itself without need to open up the cover.

Besides, the container itself is having slim design so that it can fit in any position of your pantry easily with only a little space required. 

The rice dispenser is designed in first in first out concept; whereby the rice will be pour in from the upper part of the container, and the rice will be serve from the bottom part of the rice dispenser itself.

The initial go in rice will taken and consume first, to ensure that the rice will always remain fresh, and reduce of the chance of growing pesticides inside of your rice.

Can you say that there is 100% no pesticide will be growing if you are using the rice dispenser to store you rice?

No, you can't say that. There is still chance that pesticide growing inside your rice if you are not consume your rice fast enough. Etc, cook once in a month :)

But then, there is an advantage if you are using Rice Dispenser.  The pesticide hates sunlight and heat. They will always hide deep underneath of the rice to sleep. 

What you need to do is to take out the rice from the bottom part of the rice dispenser; the pesticide will always be there. Clean the pesticides and then dump the rice back into the rice dispenser from the top again.

Repeat the process few times again then your rice is free from pesticides :) You have no way to clear the pesticides from your rice if your using an ordinary urn to store your rice :)

The design of the rice dispenser in natural milk colour can easily blend into any pantry design; that your kitchen will look good and presentable even you put the rice dispenser on the top of your kitchen counter top.

You can also get rid off the ordinary procedure to bend your back to scoop the rice as you keep the rice in the urn underneath the counter top.

The rice dispenser is design in a convenience way that you no need to use your wet hand to have direct contact with the rice, which may pollute the rice, and it is not hygiene at all.

One slide ( pull out and push in ) from the rice dispenser is equal to 1 can of rice, that equal to 2 bowl of rice; that you no longer need to measure the rice before cook anymore :)  

Remember to pull maximum 4 slide of rice from the rice dispenser only or else the rice dispenser serving tray will be overflow.

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