Tupperware Replacement Guide

How to do a Tupperware replacement? And when can do the replacement? All Tupperware products is covered under Tupperware Lifetime warranty. 

If the tupperware products that you own have defects such as chipping, cracking, skin peeling off, warping, leaking ( for water bottles ), seal or lids loose, you can bring your defected products to any tupperware center in any corner of the world to do your lifetime warranty replacement :)

What is importance of Tupperware Replacement..

Please refer to the table above, pouch, strap and water tap is not covered under Lifetime Warranty. Some of the tupperware pouch is no longer available for sell.

Depend on the model, but generally water tap and strap can be purchase in tupperware center.

Stains, discoloration, melting due to touching hot objects, impact damage, print went off, cuts, scratches spot is not covered under Lifetime Warranty.

But please note that if the prints on the containers that used for unit measurement purposes such as measuring cups or milk drinking bottle is covered under Tupperware Lifetime warranty.

tupperware replacement guide

When you bring your defected products for replacement, remember to bring the whole set of the container. Do not just bring the defected spare parts only. Why?

Firstly, you need to test on the spot and make sure that the replaced spare part fit your existing container, save your time for second visit if find out your replaced spare part not matching when you reach home.

Secondly, sometimes your Tupperware products might be no longer produced by Tupperware, the staff will collect whole set of your tupperware product, and replace with similar value products, that you can chose from the Tupperware catalog, which known as phased out.

If you only bring the defected spare part, then you will definitely need to visit the Tupperware center second time again if your container need to be phased out.

And, please note that, Tupperware replacement will only replace on the defected spare parts, and not the whole set of your Tupperware product. And the replaced spare part might have different color compare to your existing spare part.

Yup, you do not have the right to chose the color of the replaced spare part.

Basically, the Tupperware staff will just replaced whatever color spare part that available on the time you visit them.

So, to ensure that you have your favorite Tupperware products to have matching color, it is good to read on how to open and close the Tupperware lid correctly here to reduce the chance to replace your Tupperware spare parts.

When your Tupperware spare parts defected, remember that don't simply throw it away.

You need to hand over the defected spare part to the Tupperware center staff in order to exchange for the newly replaced spare part; or else you can't get your replacement.

They will need to collect it back and send to Tupperware HQ. 

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