Tupperware Quick Chef

Tupperware Quick Chef, is a popular kitchen preparation tools launched by Tupperware United States. This Quick Chef serve for 2 major purposes, cuts and whip.

When you purchase this Quick Chef set, it is coming with a gift box, that allow you to store the whole set of quick chef in when not in use :)

The benefits of Tupperware Quick Chef..

The container base itself is about 1.3L, and there is an anti-slip plastic sheet attached to the base of the container edge to ensure you have stable container base during the cutting or whipping process.

This quick chef set is also come with a recipe, allow you learn how to make use of this kitchen helper to make some favorite dish.

You can switch between the blades or whisk given, depend on your needs.

tupperware quick chef

After the handle installed on top of the cap, you can turn the handle knob in clockwise direction in order to chop or whisk.

The blades gadget itself is attach with 3 sharp blades, which suitable to cut fruits, meats, vegetables, peanuts, onion, garlic or even chilies; that you no longer need to cry when cutting chilies or garlic like the olden days :)

tupperware quick chef blades bird view

But remember do not put in the bones inside container for cutting, it will damaged your blades.

tupperware quick chef whisk bird view

Please be aware of that this Quick chef Set is not covered under Tupperware lifetime warranty; but it is covered under quality warranty within one year only.

What is quality warranty means? It means that if you use this product correctly, but defect happens, Tupperware will replace for you within a year after you send the defected product to them for inspection; in the condition they agree the damages / defect is under their manufacturer defects.

If after inspection, they justify that the defect is due to you are using it incorrectly / misuse, then no replacement or money compensation will be provided by Tupperware.

And the best part is, there is still no spare part for this product yet, you might need to buy the whole new set if your had spoil the whisk or blades accidentally... so, moral of the story? Please try to handle it with care when you use it , the blades is not unbreakable :)

Usually the damaged happen on the blades gadget, seldom whisk gadget will encounter any damaged, as most people will not put in hard ingredients to whisk.. But surprisingly a lot of customer will put in hard objects inside the container to cut, such as ice or bones.... may be over curious that want to test the sharpness of the blades ? :)  

There is also a funnel come together with this quick chef set, that you can insert onto the cap, to add in ingredients such as oil, syrup or soy sauces into the container base during your whisking or cutting process.  

You can find few good Tupperware Quick Chef deal here :)

Take a look on video below on how Tupperware Quick Chef works :)

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