Tupperware Popsicle Maker Guide

Tupperware Popsicle Maker is one of my favorite Tupperware products. I use it to make home made popsicle for my kids easily :)

What is the benefits of home made popsicle? 

First, you know it save your hard earn money :) Secondly, it is definitely more hygiene and more clean as you have full control over the whole "making of" process :)

Thirdly, you know the popsicle you made is very healthy and safe to consume :)

As there is no added coloring or chemical additive, or any artificial sugar added on to your popsicle :)

Forthly, you have full control of what material used for your popsicle ingredients :)

I usually put in fruit juices such as orange juices, watermelon juices or pineapple juices that I extracted via Tupperware Juist It.

tupperware popsicle maker setTupperware Popsicle Maker Set

After all, it is healthy fruit juices :) I feel relax and convenience to allow my kids to have more than one popsicle while they are enjoying it :)

How to use this Tupperware Popsicle Maker?

It is pretty simple :) Just position the popsicle maker vertically on table, just like you see on picture above. Please note that the both side of the popsicle maker container is build in with a small lock.

You shall use the small lock to lock on each container, then the whole popsicle maker set will stand vertically by themselves without need to holding them. 

Then, just pour in whatever popsicle content you love :) I prefer to infill with fruit juices, highly recommended orange juices, you will love it :)

After fill in the juices, you can add on some extra food for you to bite on while enjoying your Popsicle.. you can add in fruit slices like pineapple, orange slices that cut in small pieces, or put in jelly or some grapes that cut into half size .. Yummy :) 

You can think of whatever popsicle you love :) I love red bean soup and green bean soup popsicle, lychee juice or coconut juice popsicle :) 

You can even make your coca-cola popsicle or root beer popsicle ( But don't take it so frequently.. since soft drinks not so good for your health.. once in awhile shall be no problem :) 

When you had done, just close up the orange color lid ( The projected stick side is facing down when closing your lid )

Put the whole set of popsicle maker into a rectangular container without closing the lid of the container ( for easy put in freezer and easy take out from freezer purpose ), then put into your freezer.

Closed your fridge door and allow 24 hours for freezing :)

delicious popsicle with Tupperware Popsicle makerdelicious popsicle with Tupperware Popsicle maker :)

After 24 hours, take out the popsicle maker set, soaked it into a container fill with water for about 15 to 20 seconds ( for de-froze purposes ) , then pull out the popsicle orange lid slowly, and let your made popsicle face up then slot the bottom part of the orange lid into the green popsicle container again - The green color container will be your popsicle handle :) ( Refer to picture above )

Now, your delicious popsicle is ready to serve :)

I believe you had experience ate ice cream before.. sometime when we unable to finish our ice cream fast enough.. the melting ice cream will flow down and dripped to our hand.. or even dripped to floor.

But with Tupperware Popsicle maker, you have nothing to worry about :) The melting popsicle will flow into the green color container, that your kid won't dirty their hand or dirty your floor when they are happy enjoying their popsicle :) 

You can find few good Tupperware Popsicle Maker deal here :)

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