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Tupperware will issue limited edition Tupperware Plates from time to time; and here I like to show one of my favorite limited edition plate, that name as Lady Lavender Blossom Plate Set.

This plate set is come with set of 4; and it design in my favorite color, that is pink color :)

This Lady lavender set released during Malay Hari Raya festival in June 2017. 

Here is how is my favorite Lady Lavender Plate set look like : )

Lovely right? :) This Lady Lavender plate set actually is having the same feature exactly as the regular Tupperware Green Blossom Plate Set.   

But myself personally think that Lady Lavender plate set is more attractive than the Green Blossom plate set :)

tupperware plates set of 4

Here I wish to introduce you another set of Limited Tupperware Blossom plate set, that name as Blossom Deep Plate set.

Limited Deep Blossom Tupperware Plates

This plate set also come in Set of 4; I wonder why Tupperware always released their plate set in set of 4.. may be this quantities will suit majority of the family needs? :)

blossom deep plate set of 4

From the picture above, actually you can see this Deep blossom plate set is deep inward, you can even use it to drink soup :) Each plate have capacity up to 390ml, that ideal to let kids to eat spaghetti with tomato sauces, mushroom soup, or even porridge or oats without worry your kids will spill out the liquid food easily :)

Same as the Lavender Blossom plate set above, when you read the plate set name has a word "Blossom" within it names, it is under Tupperware Blossom series; that you can put the plate into the microwave for reheat purposes :)

Please bear in mind that not all Tupperware plates can put into microwave for reheat, only the Blossom range is " microwave-able" , or else you might melt your favorite plate :(

Limited Edition Tupperware Snack Plate

Tada ! Here is another set of limited Edition plates that released by Tupperware, that known as Snack plate set. Again, it come in set of 4; the difference is, not the whole snack plate set is come with same color.

tupperware snack plate set of 4

2 of them is come in orange color, whereby another 2 is in mango yellow color. And you can see the plate is in rectangular shape, more presentable and suitable for serving snacks for your guest or while you enjoy the snacks yourself when you watch your favorite TV show :)

If you observe it closely, this snack plate set is coming with raised edge, that prevent food from spill out easily while enjoying your snack :) 

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