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Tupperware had released quite lot models of high quality Tupperware plate. One of them is know as Blossom Dining plates.

The blossom Dining plate diameter is  26.3 cm diameter, can put sufficient food for an adult meal consumption.

What is so special about this blossom dining plate?

The surface of the blossom plate is designed to be textured anti scratch design, that your dining plate will remain beautiful as you just newly buy after using for long time :)

With its elegant design, this blossom dining plate set suitable to use in family dinner gathering; and it is presentable and lovely as food serving plate to your guest as well :)

The blossom dining plate having raising edge surround, that allow you to serve some liquid food within it; such as curry or soup mixed with rice ( my niece favorite :)  and prevent spill out while serving.

Tupperware Dining Plate  (Set of 4) -  $28.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

This blossom plate also come with stackable design, that you can stack them closely before keep inside the cabinet ( definitely helpful in saving your storage space ) 

Besides, Blossom dining plates is microwave series products, allow you to reheat foods in microwave before serving :)

You can take out the food from fridge, put on to the Blossom dining plate, reheat in microwave and ready for serving ; fast and simple :)

blossom plate set of 4

The benefits of Tupperware plate..

Remember that you can only use it for reheat purposes, can stay maximum about 3 minutes in the microwave; and do not use it to cook food in microwave.

And do not reheat high oily content food on Blossom dining plate directly; such as fried chicken; that it may burn the skin surface of the plate.

To protect the plate skin from getting burn, you shall put few layer of oil absorbing paper between the oily food and your blossom dining plate.   

All tupperware products is BPA free and toxic free; therefore you can use this blossom dining plate set risk free to serve your favorite food to your family members and your loves one :)

And it won't release any toxic content into the food even though you put the plate into the microwave for reheat. But, please bear in mind that not all tupperware products can put into the microwave for reheat, only certain products can be put into microwave.. And yes, this Blossom Series can put into microwave for reheat :) 

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