Tupperware Plastic Guide

Tupperware is famous for launching high quality Tupperware Plastic containers :)

However, do you know Tupperware plastic is made of what materials?

Nowadays a lot of customers are concerning on BPA; everyone is looking for BPA free container.

What is BPA ? Why everyone so scared about this BPA ?

BPA full scentific name is know as Bisphenol A , it is a chemical ingredients that widely added into most plastic containers in order to increase its durability.

According to research, a small portion of BPA can migrated into the food from the plastic container, if you use the plastic container to infill with foods.

But, the US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) had announced that consumers is not exposed to health risk by the intake level of BPA. 

However, it is obviously that no one like to have their favorite food or drink to add in with unnecessary chemical, regardless that chemical is harmful to our health or not :) 

tupperware plastic container set

Of course, no worry :) Tupperware containers is made of BPA free ingredients and toxic free plastic.

Tupperware Plastic container ingredient

Majority of the plastic containers in the market is made of the plastic under category below:

plastic material code marking

In fact, different Tupperware product range may use different plastic material:

1. For silicone product range - 100% Silicone material.

2. For Tupperware Ultra Pro range - Liquid crystal polymer ( LCP ) material.

3. Tupperware Micro steamer range - Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE)

4. Large Microwave Rice Cooker range - Polypropylene (PP)

5. Microwave Pasta Cooker - Polypropylene (PP)

6. Micro cook Pitcher - PolyetherSulfone ( PES )

7. Heat N Eats Range - PolyetherSulfone ( PES ) / Polypropylene (PP)

8. Micro Pressure Cooker - Polypropylene (PP)

9. Warmie Tups Series - Polypropylene (PP)

Sometimes, your Tupperware containers bottom do not have any indicative number, usually is due to insufficient space :) 

If you do research online a bit, you will discover that a lot of folks will recommend you to use plastic container with the marking of number 1,2,4 and 5, and avoid the marking of number 3,6 and 7.

And, most of the tupperware containers is made of LDPE ( number 4 )( Low Density Polyethylene) and PP ( number 5 )( Polypropylene ). It is safe to use :)

But there is some online media also mentioned that some of the Tupperware containers is made of numbering 7 material - polycarbonate, that will released BPA to the food.

Tupperware had clarified that, their plastic container that mark with numbering 7, is actually made of plastic material that out of the category numbering marking from 1 to 6 above.

And Tupperware had clearly clarify - Their products is made of BPA free and none toxic material, you can use with ease :)

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