Tupperware Pitcher Guide

Tupperware had launched different models of Tupperware Pitcher to serve their customer needs.

The regular pitcher that currently still in promotion is known as Blossom Pitcher.

The capacity of the Blossom pitcher is 2.3 L, size of the pitcher is about 14cm Diameter x 21 cm (H)

What is the Benefits of Tupperware Pitcher?

As you can see from Tupperware pitcher above, the whole design is in natural green color :)

It make you feel comfortable and peaceful when you place it on your dining table to serve your guest :)

This pitcher itself is come with a elegant design handle, have sufficient space to insert your 4 finger in and grab the pitcher firmly and serve your drinks with ease :)

I ll suggest you to place your thumb on the top of the handle while holding the pitcher in order for you to grab the pitcher easily while serving the drinks to your guest - without feeling heavy burden to your hand :)

tupperware pitcher

Tupperware Blossom Pitcher 2.3L  (Set of 1) -  $23.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

The blossom pitcher itself is having a wide and stable base, that allow the pitcher to remain stable on table at all time :) 

You can see that the cover of the blossom pitcher itself is come with a press-able button.

When you want to remove the cover from the pitcher, just place your middle finger and index finger below the light green color flat base around the button, then press the button with your thumb.

When the button been press in, the cover will become shrink a bit, so that you can remove the cover from the pitcher easily. When you let go of the button, the cover will be expand.

When you pour drinks from the Blossom pitcher, you no need to worry that the cover will accidentally fall out, as the cover had been expanded and "lock on" to the inner pitcher wall :)

If you take a look on the pouring sprout of the pitcher, it is flat wide sprout that allow you to pour your drinks out easily without need to worry the drinks will spill off from the glass easily.

You can also place the cover rest on the pitcher as picture below when you try to refill your drinks to serve your guest :)

Can you see the Filling line that I label in the picture above? When refill your drinks into the picther, make sure that your drinks won't exceed the filling line to ensure no spill out :)

If you decide to own this Blossom Pitcher set, I will suggest you to also check out the Blossom Bowl Set and Blossom Dining Plate Set as you can see the color is exactly matched :)

You may impress your guest by serving them wonderful food with your Elegant Blossom Dining set :)

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