Tupperware Picnic Set Guide

This is a Limited Edition Tupperware Picnic Set, its full name is known as Picnic Trio Lunch box set.

This picnic lunch box set is come with 3 container, each container have capacity up to 1.6L.

The benefits of this Tupperware Picnic Lunch box set

The size of each square container is about 21.1 cm (L) x 21.1 cm (W) x 8.5 cm (H).

This lunch box set also come with a set of pink cariorlier holder, that you can lock the lunch box on to the cariolier for easy holding purposes :)

You can chose either to carry one lunch box, or two lunch box or all 3 lunch box with your cariolier, you make the call :)

1.6 L picnic container can put sufficient food volume you like to :)

You can chose to put different dishes on each lunch box, or prepare the " set lunch" in each containers, to serve for 3 pax consumption :)

Each of the container is come with 2 lids.

The pink lids to cover your food inside the lunch box, and the green lids can act as a deep plate to serve your favorite food :)

That you save of your efforts and storage space from bringing extra plate.

tupperware picnic setTupperware Picnic Set

Both of the green lids and the pink lids is build in with a tab, allow you to open the lids easily :) You may want to read on how to open and close the Tupperware lid correctly here :)

tupperware picnic set 3

To me, the design of this Picnic set is very elegant and come with eye catching color :) Do you agree ? 

tuppperware picnic lunch box set side view

In fact, the pink lid, other than act as a cover, you can also treat it as a " flat serving plate" to serve the dry food such as roti canai, spring roll, cookies or donuts :) 

If you want to install the cariolier handle into the lunch box, just slot the cariolier empty channel into the projected tab of the lunch box itself.

If you want to remove the lunch box out from the cariolier, press the handle from the the top of the lunch box until the handle touch the lunch box surface with one hand , then you can use another hand to un-slot the lunch box projected tab out from the cariolier.

Frankly speaking, it is quite tight to remove the cariolier initially, until when you get use to it, then it will be more easy job for you :) ( Your finger might feel pain a little bit when you pull out the cariolier from the lunch box )

After you wash this set and not in use, you shall keep in the way that, the container base stack together, flat pink lid stack together and the green plate lid stack together... then you might be amazing that it only used up a little bit of your kitchen cabinet storage space :)

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