Tupperware Pastry Sheet Guide 

Tupperware pastry sheet is one of the must have tool if you are a frequent pastry maker :)

The size of the pastry sheet is 65.5cm length x 46cm width.

The dimension of the pastry sheet is big enough for you to make your favorite pastry without messing up your dining table :)

This pastry sheet help you to clean your dining table easily without messing the flour everywhere in your pantry.

The pastry sheet itself is indicated with different dimension of pastry size according to different pan size

( the pastry diameter range from 22cm, 24cm and 28cm), it also provide dimension in inches so you no need to take calculator to make conversion yourself :)   

With the diamater of the pastry provided, you no longer need to worry that the pastry that you make was oversize and unable to fit into your pan later on :)

The benefits of Tupperware Pastry Sheets..

If you are a new Pastry chef, then this pastry sheet is helpful to you :)

It provide a handful tips on the basic measuring unit conversion on the ingredients we need for making pastry, such as cups, pints, ml, oz, grams, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

With this helpful conversion table, you can stay focused to the procedure on add in ingredients into your pastry according to your recipe book, without need to search high and low on the conversion rate of the measuring unit if your measuring tools and your recipe book have totally different measuring unit :) 

Besides, the pastry sheet surface itself is smooth and anti-slip, it won't keep moving even you are rolling your dough on the pastry sheet itself with your full strength :)

You can also kneat your flour on this pastry sheet for making favorite bread for your kids, that you can clean up pretty fast after you get the job done.

The pastry sheets itself can withstand up to 140 Celsius, but you can't put it into microwave or oven; it is not microwave safe product :) And you can only clean this pastry sheet with hand wash only, it is not designed to be dish washer safe ! 

And, this pastry sheet is covered under Tupperware Q warranty ( Manufacturer defect for up to 1 year ) Q Warranty means that if the product is under domestic usage, but it has defect or damaged, then you can send it to tupperware center for inspection.

If the tupperware center staff after inspect your Tupperware Pastry Sheet and discovered the defect is due to manufacturer defects, then they will replace a new similar product to you without any extra charges incurred on you.

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