Tupperware Party Guide

Tupperware party is the most classic and to be prove as an efficient way to expand of your tupperware business. Basically, what is this party all about? 

You as a tupperware consultant, you will persuade your prospect to invite few friends to her house and you do demo presentation at her house, to introduce the benefits of tupperware products to the guest, in order to get sales, recruit of new downline as customers or as business partner ( business builder downline ) to strengthen your organization.

As a party host, you are also a product demonstrator, leader, salesman ( or sales girl ), presenter at the same time :)

The key of a successful party is to keep the audience concentrate on what you are saying and they feel happy to join your party.

So, it is your duty to keep the whole party running in a happy and pleasant atmosphere :)

A party shall not be more than 2 hours. As long hour sales party will drag a lot of time of your audience, that they are tired and feeling taking a lot of their time, and they will run away fast in opposite direction when you call upon for next party appointment :(

tupperware party groupTupperware Party Group

Important Tips to host a Tupperware Party

Do not try to show case all your product demo, detail marketing plan, all products knowledge within the same party. Your audience will get overwhelmed.

Use the power of unfinished talk :) When your current party near to end, always mentioned about next party venue, date and time, and also what will the audience get to learn for next party :)  

Some Tupperware party games will be helpful to please your guest :) You know, everyone loves game, no matter you are adult or kid :) Especially adult that keep themselves busy with their works and children.

Some educational games will make the feel excited and relax :) It is also important to have some lucky draw and on time draw. Everyone loves free gift, especially free Tupperware :)

On time draw is a powerful tool to boost your audience punctuality :) And lucky draw session shall be divided into at least 2 or 3 sessions to keep your audience to remain seated from beginning till the end of your party :)

May i suggest you to check out our How to sell Tupperware Guide too :)

When you do your tupperware product demo, or sharing some cooking recipes, remember to always emphasized on the benefits of the tupperware products, and not how delicious of your food, and how good is your recipes :)

If you can present in such a way that; without this set of tupperware product, you will regret in the rest of your life !- then it will be good :)  

After all, the whole purpose of your product demo is to get sales, don't you agree? :)

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