Tupperware Party Games Idea

Tupperware party games is usually one of the most exciting events in the whole Tupperware party :)

It helps to make your tiring guests have fun and get excited, and break the ice easily between the party host and the guests... so that he will be charge up and more concentrate in your next activities flow :) 

Games is always the best tool to make friends, don't you agree? :)

Always try to create a Tupperware game that come with a purpose, some bring home lesson for your guest after they are enjoying with all the laughter :) 

tupperware party games

Tupperware Party Games idea - Let the base find the seal

In this Tupperware party games, you need to prepare 2 boxes. First box put with all the different size and different type of Tupperware container seal, let say 20 pieces.

The second box put with the lesser qty of tupperware container base, say 10 pieces. ( Of course, you need to make sure that the container seal for these container base had been put inside the First box. )

Now, chose few guest to play this game, the number of the guest shall not be more than the number of container base in the second box. Say you had 8 guest want to play this game.

All you need to do is keep 2 box closed ( so your guests unable to see the content inside ) and put the 2 box on the floor within certain distance on each of them ( say about 12 feets ) and keep the guests with you ( say 10 feets away from both boxes. )

So when you are giving the signal say "Start now !", all the players need to run to the second box, take out one of the container base, then rush to the first box, to find out the container seal that is suit to the container base on his / her hand, close it perfectly, and run back to you and pass the complete set of the container base with seal to you. ( Of course you need to brief the game rules to all the guest before you start the game )

You can set the game rules such as first 3 achievers that manage to get the complete set of containers pass to your hands become the winners , or who able to pass the complete set of containers to you within 7 seconds will become the winners, depend on your choice :)

You can reward the winners with some Tupperware gift  :) This game allow your guests to get some minor exercise by running around, they will become energetic and excited after this game :)

This game is ideal to slot in at the middle of your tupperware party, so your guest able to keep "awakes" and remain concentrated till the end of your tupperware party :)

And, they learn to identify the Tupperware container seal and base that match perfectly, and how to close it :)

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