Tupperware Orange Peelers Guide

Tupperware orange peelers is one of my favorite kitchen tool to peel off the orange skin :)

You know, I don't like to cut the orange with knife, that I need to tear off the orange skin from the orange texture with my own teeth.. It is very torturing !

To avoid that, I have to peel off the orange skin with my own hand before I can enjoy my favorite orange. And if you done that before, you know that your finger will be very pain to do so.

And it will be more pain if your finger nail is not sharp enough to cut into the orange itself ! But you know, it is not hygiene to let the orange texture touching our finger nail directly.

All this mess can be avoid with the orange peeler :)

This is how the Tupperware Orange Peeler look like :) It come with a card holder when you buy it.  If you turn at the back of the card, you can see some simple instructions on how to use the orange peeler.

tupperware orange peelers

This is how the orange peeler look like after take out from its packaging :)

How to use Tupperware Orange Peelers?

This orange peeler not only can peel off orange skin, but it works on most of the citrus fruits, like lemon, kabosu, key lime, Lime, Meyor Lemon and a lot more..

I use orange as an example. First you need to identify the bottom point of the orange, you can see one dot as mark in picture above.

I usually place a plate underneath the orange to avoid the orange juices to dirty my table.

Try to put the sharp edge of the orange peeler on to the dot then press in the orange peeler edge to insert into the orange skin.

Pull down the orange peeler slowly and you can see that the orange skin start to be open up.

Continue pulling the the orange peeler slowly until it meet the top flower position of the orange then can you withdraw the orange peeler out.

Now, repeat the same process above on the other side of the orange skin.

Usually I will apply the orange peeler on 4 different position of the orange itself so that the orange skin can be easily peeled off later on.

Important Tip : You may injured yourself if you are not focus enough when using the orange peeler.

When pulling down the orange peeler on the orange , remember to pulling it down very slowly. Although it is made of plastic, the peeler edge is very sharp. 

You may injured the position of the hand palm where the orange peeler edge rest on as show in the picture above if you "over pull"

But don't over worry, as long as you use it carefully, you will be fine :)

After you had pull out the 4 lines on the orange, turn your orange peeler to another side that had flat plate, then insert it into the bottom part of the orange.

Pull up the orange skin together with your orange peeler to enjoy your favorite orange :)

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