Tupperware Online Buying Guide

You wish to buy Tupperware online? Actually, what is the factors that you need to consider most when you wish to purchase products through internet?

First, of course is the seller integrity.

As all the online transaction flow is, buyer make the payment online to the seller, then only the seller will post the item to the buyer.

If the seller do not keep his / her words after received payment; it is hard for the buyer to chase back the money she paid, as she do not know the seller identity, and you do not know where is this seller located. This is what we call as online scam.  

Secondly, is the delivery time frame. Some sellers try to attract buyer via very low selling price.

Buyer thought that they had grab a super low price deal; but end up, seller try to save his / her cost by using very low quality shipping service - the surface mailing via sea parcel.

buy tupperware online

You may still able to get the items, but you will easily need to wait at least 1 or 2 months for the item to arrived. And, cheap shipping service usually do not have shipping insurance coverage. 

If the item you received was damaged or defected, worst case you might unable to claim any compensation; or if you are lucky then you can get back small amount of compensation; that much lower than what you are paying for ! 

How to identify counterfeit item when buy Tupperware Online ? 

Thirdly, counterfeit item ! There are many not ingenuine seller attract their customers with very low price.. But actually they are selling counterfeit products that are having very good profit margin; as the product quality of counterfeit product is very bad ! 

Rule no 1, if you see that the selling price for a product is sound too good to be true; turn your back and run in opposite direction ! Never turn back !  

And how to identify the tupperware products you purchased is genuine or counterfeit? It is simple :)

Each of the Tupperware products spare parts is marked with its brand name "Tupperware" and printed with its product codes, regardless cap, seal, lid or the container body itself. 

If you see that Tupperware products you purchased do not have the spare part codes + the tupperware brand name; then you know it is a counterfeit products !

Please standby your magnifier when you try to identify the product code and the Tupperware brand name, as the wording will be very small as it is printed on small spare part of tupperware such as cap :)

For example:

Can you see the tupperware brand name on the tupperware eco bottle cap? :)

Can you see the product code inside the tupperware eco bottle cap ? :)

If you are planning to buy Tupperware online and want the item deliver right to your door steps, you can check out our Tupperware Online Store here

I do offer oversea shipping services to your home directly :) I am using the courier shipping service, that you shall received your item within one week time after you made payment.

My selling price also include free shipping insurance, that if your item lost in transit, defected, or if your item received do not same with what you ordered, I will issue full refund or send replacement with no extra charges from you.

So there is totally risk free for you :) And, we do received payment via paypal.

It is a very safe transfer medium that come with a good buyer protecton plan :) If I do not post your item after received your payment, you can complain to paypal and paypal will investigate.

If I as seller had failed to prove to paypal that I had delivered the item to customers, paypal will refund to customer directly and block seller paypal account. 

So buyer will not exposed to any online scam problem if the transaction generated within paypal :)

If the product you are looking for not stated in my store, feel free to contact me here, and  I will quote for you free :)

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