Tupperware Onion Keeper Guide

Tupperware Onion Keeper is one of the good product to store your onion, potatoes, garlic and ginger.

These kind of food need to breathe in order to stay for long lasting.

If you keep these kind of food in normal container, they will get sprouting, rotten, getting wet on the potatoes skin and getting bad smell very fast since the normal container do not encourage natural air flow. 

The Onion Keeper size is 28.8cm (L) x 18.8cm (W) x 17.2cm (H), 3L per container.

The container base it shear color, that you can see the content inside clearly without need to open up the seal.

The Benefits of Tupperware Onion Keeper..

You can see the red seal of the container is full with little hole, allow the natural air flow into the onion keeper, ensure your onion or garlic to last long :)

100% confirmed ! Your onion will chose Tupperware onion keeper as their favorite home :) If you use traditional method, to keep your ginger or onion in the basket, the whole kitchen will look messy, and not so hygiene..

Tupperware Access Mate 3L  (Set of 1) -  $31.00 including free shipping to United States.


Buyer FAQ 

The cockroach,wall gekko and rats may crawl over and eat your potatoes when you are sleeping at night.. 

tupperware onion keeper side elevation

By keeping your potatoes or onion in your Onion keeper, you can ensure your food remain hygiene at all time :) Your pantry will also look more organized and tidy by keeping all your potatoes and ginger inside the onion keeper.

The Onion keeper is having stackable design, that you can save your storage space by stacking them one on top of each other. Other than potatoes, onion, ginger and garlic, you can also use it to put maggie mee, dried yee mee, or bee hoon :)

Your pantry will become much more organized and tidy with the help of the Onion Keeper :) If you wish to open the Onion keeper cover, just use the finger to flip the middle tab of the seal upward.

To close the seal, you need to press the left and right corner of the red seal downward with both of your thumb. You will hear a " Click" sound, means it had been locked.

You can keep about 2kg of onion in the Onion keeper :) Some folks think that they can save money from Onion keeper by keeping the onion and potatoes in fridge ..

This is no no..  Onion will make your fridge having odour smell, and potatoes will rotten fast inside the fridge, as it will get mosturized and rotten very fast inside the fridge.

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