Tupperware Modular Mates Guide

Tupperware Modular Mates range is one of the famous series among all Tupperware products.

It is famous for its air tight ability to keep the food in the containers remain fresh and crispy up for months.

Basically, modular mates is come with 4 different shape, which is oval, square, round, rectangular.

Each shape is come with 4 different size and capacity.

In total, there will be 16 different modular mates container.

However, there might be different size and capacity of modular mates invented in different countries.

 For etc, in Australia, Tupperware Australia do have super oval shape for sell, but so far it is not available in Malaysia yet.

Tupperware Modular mates - the magic space maker..

tupperware modular mates

Why modular mates need to come out of so many different size and capacity? Some tupperware consumers just think that .. "Oh, because of tupperware try to convince the same customer to buy more tupperware products,  that is why it come out of so many containers with different shape and size"

There are even some folks think that:" Ah..ha, I just need to buy the biggest size modular mates, so that i can use it to keep the food portion I want regardless big portion or small portion, and it save me a lot of money ! "

Will that be the actual scenario? 

To be honest, no :)

Modular Mates also known as " The Magic space maker", that you can use different shape, size and capacity of modular mates container to fill up the space in your cabinet, so that there is no wastage of your cabinet space.

Besides, modular mates able to keep the container "air tight", which mean that air won't flow into your modular mates container easily; it is suitable to keep cookies, coffee powder, milk powder, flour, sugar..

Your coffee powder won't get harden and cookies will remain fresh inside the container for very long period of time.

The key to keep food fresh inside the container is to keep minimum or better still, no air within the container. Therefore, the correct method to use modular mates container shall be always keep your container full with food ( minimum the air space within container and food contented inside ) 

That is why Tupperware need to implemented so many different size and capacity of modular mates container.  You shall transfer the food to smaller container, after the food had been consume for awhile, in order to keep the food inside the container full as always; if you want to maximize the air tight features of modular mates :) 

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There is black color and red color lids upon your choice for modular mates lids. 

If you watch it closely, each modular mates lids is coming with a raised edge ( regardless of shape ), that prevent the container that stack on it slipped out easily when we try to take or put the containers in the cabinet.

Oh ya, each and every of the modular mates containers is coming with stackable design, so that you can put the containers one on top of another to save your storage space  without need to worry on your container get damaged

Tada! you can see how modular mates save your cabinet space from the picture below :)

modular mates kitchen planningmuch more easy to seek for food you want , don't you agree? :)

Each modular mates container is come with 2 clear window on the container wall, for you to observe the food content easily. The other 2 side of the container wall is designed to be frosted ; to protect the food inside the container exposed to sunlight directly.

Food easier to get unfresh earlier if expose to sunlight over long period of time. Thus, if you keep your modular mates container near the window or exposed to sunlight, you shall re-locate the container so that frosted wall facing to window / direction that exposed to sunlight in order for your food to long lasting :)

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