Tupperware Modular Mates Square Guide

Tupperware Modular mates square come with 4 model, which known as Square 1, Square 2, Square 3 and Square 4.

All modular mates square containers are having same length and width, which is 18.2cm x 18.2cm

The different between all modular mates square models within one another are their height. Square 1 container ( 1.2L ) height is 6cm, Square 2 container ( 2.6L ) height is 11.5cm and Square 3 container ( 4L )  height is 17.2cm height.

Among all the model, Square 4 container ( 5.5L ) will have the tallest height, which is 22.5cm height.

Just take a look on the picture below and you will get the whole idea :)

tupperware modular mates square dimension

If you not familiar with Tupperware modular mates features, I suggest you to take a look in our Tupperware Modular Mates Guide here

Basically, all modular mates containers will increase in its capacity and height ( regardless of it shape ) as long as you see the modular mates container number is going up.

For example, Square 3 container will bigger than square 2 container. In term of capacity and height, Square 4 > Square 3 > Square 2 > Square 1

This rule apply to other shape of modular mates container too, In term of capacity and height, Round 4 > Round 3 > Round 2 > Round 1; Oval 4 > Oval 3 > Oval 2 > Oval 1  

How to identify the modular mates container on your hand is which model? It is easy :) Just flip the container and let the container base face up. You can see a numbering printed near the middle of the container base.

The numbering indicate the model of your square container. If it is number 3 show on the base of your container, then it is modular mates square 3. This identification method not only works on modular mates square container, but it works on all shape of modular mates container. 

Tupperware Modular Mates Square Storage Guide

Tupperware Modular Mates Square 1 Container can store about:

1. 150g of Chrysanthemum Tea 

2. 140g of Ginseng Roots.

3. 500g of Ground Coffee.

4. 1kg of Brown / White sugar.

5. 100g of Tea bags.

6. 1kg of Almond.

7. 1kg of Green / Red beans.

8. 500g of Dried Fruits.

9. 200g of Lasagne.

10. 650g of Lotus Seeds.

11. 1kg of Mixed nuts.

12. 340g of Black chinese mushroom.

13. 800g of Noodles.

14. 600g of Shrimp.

15. 120g of White Fungus.

16. 500g of Bread Crumbs.

Tupperware Modular Mates Square 2 Container can store about:

1. 350g of Chrysanthemum Tea.

2. 280g of Ginseng Roots.

3. 2kg of Milk powder.

4. 1kg of Muesli.

5. 2kg of Brown / White sugar.

6. 1kg of Icing sugar.

7. 750g of Rock sugar.

8. 200g of Tea bags.

9. 2kg of Tea leaves.

10. 500g of Macaroni.

11. 2kg of Rice.

12. 700g of Anchovy ( Ikan Bilis )

13. 680g of Black chinese mushroom.

14. 260g of Dried Chilli.

15. 500g of Cuttlefish.

16. 1.2kg of Noodles.

17. 220g of White fungus.

18. 2kg of Flour.

Tupperware Modular Mates Square 3 Container can store about:

1. 500g of Chrysanthemum Tea.

2. 1kg of oatmeal.

3. 4kg of Brown / White sugar.

4. 950g of Rock sugar.

5. 1.2kg of Anchovy ( Ikan bilis )

6. 1kg of Black chinese mushroom.

7. 400g of Dried Chilli.

Tupperware Modular Mates Square 4 Container can store about:

1. 6kg of Brown / white sugar.

2. 2kg of Icing sugar.

3. 5kg of Rice.

4. 1.7kg of Anchovy ( Ikan bilis )

5. 550g of Dried Chilli.

6. 450g of Glass Noodle ( Tunghoon )

7. 150g of Jelly.

8. 1.2kg of Rice Vermicelli ( Bihun )

9. 4kg of Flour.


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