Tupperware Modular Mates Round Guide

Tupperware Modular mates round come with 4 models, which are round 1 200ml, round 2 440ml, round 3 650ml and round 4 890ml. The diameter of all modular mates round container is same, 9cm diameter, therefore, the modular mates round lid is applicable to all 4 models.

The difference between each model is the height of the container; round 1 height is 6cm, round 2 height is 11.5cm, round 3 height is 17.2cm and round 4 height is 22.5cm

You can take a look in the picture below to get the overall idea of 4 models of Modular mates round container dimension :)

tupperware modular mates round dimension

You can chose red color or black color lids for all models of modular mates containers. I just discover that Asian users will prefer red color seal, where by Europe users will prefer black color seal. 

Well, I will chose black color seal as I think black color is more "dirt sustainable"; it will be not so obvious if your seal get some minor stains when you using it for long run in future.

Whereby, if there is some stubborn stain stick on the red color seal, it will be very obvious.. and it will look more "old" when time pass on, and black seal will look as new as it is.. my 2 cents comments :)

You may also interested in our Tupperware Modular mates guide here if you are not familiar with the features and benefits of modular mates container :)

Tupperware Modular Mates Round Storage Planning

When talk about the storage planning;

Tupperware Modular mates round 1 container can store about:

1. 180g of Green / Red beans.

2. 100g of Dates.

3. 100g of Dried Shrimps.

4. 200g of Salt.

5. 125g of baking powder.

6. 125g of Baking soda.

7. 125g of Glaced Cherries.

8. 125g of Hundred & Thousands.

9. 125g of Yeast.

Modular mates round 2 container can store about:

1. 260g of Almond.

2. 350g of Green / Red beans.

3. 125g of cashew Nuts.

4. 200g of Dates.

5. 230g of Curry powder.

6. 220g of Dried longan.

7. 200g of Dried Oyster.

8. 220g of Dried shrimp.

9. 420g of Salt.

10. 200g of Baking powder.

11. 250g of Baking soda.

12. 125g of Cocoa.

13. 200g of Hundreds & Thousands.

Tupperware Modular mates round 3 container can store about:

1. 80g of Ginseng roots.

2. 250g of Brown / white sugar.

3. 550g of Palm Sugar ( Gula Melaka )

4. 250g of Icing sugar.

5. 400g of Rock sugar.

6. 125g of Tea leaves.

7. 400g of Almond.

8. 500g of Black beans.

9. 550g of Green / Red beans.

10. 400g of Ground nuts.

11. 175g of Cashew Nuts.

12. 200g of Dried Fruits.

13. 300g of Dates.

14. 300g of Lotus Seeds.

15. 375g of Sago.

16. 150g of Black chinese mushroom

17. 300g of Curry powder.

18. 330g of Dried Longan.

19. 300g of Dried Oyster.

20. 300g of Dried Shrimp.

Modular mates round 4 container can store about:

1. 660g of Almond.

2. 660g of black beans.

3. 750g of Green / red beans.

4. 500g of Ground nuts.

5. 250g of Cashew Nuts.

6. 400g of Dates.

7. 470g of Lotus Seeds.

8. 200g of Black Chinese mushroom

9. 400g of Curry powder.

10. 400g of Dried Oyster.

11. 400g of Dried Shrimps.

12. 500g of Bread Crumps.

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