Tupperware Modular Mates Rectangular Guide

Tupperware modular mates rectangular containers model had 2 categories; which is mini rectangular and rectangular. Mini rectangular categories is come with 2 model, that name as mini rectangular 1 and mini rectangular 2.

Whereby, modular mates rectangular category also come with 2 model, which know as rectangular 2 and rectangular 3.

Mini rectangular 1 ( 890ml ) and Mini rectangular 2 ( 1.9L ) will be having the same length and width, which is 18.5cm length x 14.1cm width. However, mini rectangular I height is 6cm and mini rectangular 2 height is 11.5cm

Rectangular 2 (4.3L) and rectangular 3 ( 6.5L ) will be having the same length and width as well, which is 28.2cm (L) x 18.5cm (W). The rectangular 2 height is 11.5cm and rectangular 3 height is 17.2cm

The mini rectangular 1 and 2 can stack on each other due to same size; same go to rectangular 2 and 3, can stack on each other as well :)

Take a look on the picture below to get know of the dimension of the modular mates rectangular containers and mini rectangular containers. 

modular mates mini rectangular dimension
tupperware modular mates rectangular dimension

May i suggest you to read on our Tupperware Modular Mates Guide to understand more on the benefits and features of the modular mates container :)

The rectangular 3 container is having the highest capacity among all the modular mates container, that up to 6.5 L , ideal to keep for large volume of food content.

Tupperware Modular Mates Rectangular Storage Planning Guide

When talking about storage planning,

Mini rectangular 1 850ml container can store about:

1. 120g of Chrysanthemum tea.

2. 120g of Ginseng Roots.

3. 120g of Tea bags.

4. 120g of Dried Fruits.

5. 120g of Dates.

6. 120g of Sago.

7. 240g of Black Chinese Mushroom.

8. 350g of Dried Noodles.

10. 350g of Dried Shrimp.

11. 350g of Herb & spices. 

Mini rectangular 2 1.9L container can store about:

1. 220g of Chrysanthemum tea.

2. 220g of Brown / white sugar.

3. 220g of Palm sugar ( Gula Melaka )

4. 220g of Rock sugar.

5. 220g of Barley.

6. 220g of Black beans.

7. 220g of Groundnuts.

8. 220g of Lasagne.

9. 220g of Macaroni.

10. 450g of Black Chinese mushroom.

11. 450g of Curry powder.

12. 700g of Dried Noodles.

Rectangular 2 ( 4.3 L ) container can store about:

1. 1.1kg of Chrysanthemum tea.

2. 1.1kg of Milk powder.

3. 1.1kg of Groundnuts.

4. 1.1kg of Lasagne.

5. 1.1kg of Anchovy ( Ikan bilis )

6. 500g of Dried Bean Curd skin.

7. 400g of Dried chilli.

8. 800g of Dried Cuttlefish.

9. 1.3kg of Dried Noodles.

10. 400g of Glass Noodle ( Tunghoon )

11. 120g of Jelly.

12. 800g of Rice Vermicelli ( Bihun )

Tupperware Modular Mates Rectangular 3 ( 6.5 L ) container can store about:

1. 1.7kg of Milk powder.

2. 700g of Dried bean curd skin.

3. 650g of Dried Chilli.

4. 600g of Glass Noodles ( Tunghoon )

5. 200g of Jelly.

6. 1.2kg of Rice Vermicelli ( Bihun )

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