Tupperware Modular Mates Oval Guide

Tupperware modular mates oval container basically have 4 different capacity, which is known as Oval 1, Oval 2, Oval 3 and Oval 4. Oval 1 capacity is 500ml, Oval 2 capacity is 1.1L, Oval 3 capacity is 1.7L and Oval 4 capacity is 2.3L

Oval 1,2,3 and oval 4 will have the same dimension in term of length x width, which is 18.3cm (L) x 9.3cm (W).

The difference between each of them is the container height.

Oval 1 container height is 6cm, Oval 2 container height is 11.5cm, Oval 3 container height is 17.2cm and Oval 4 container height is 22.5cm

You can have a clear picture on modular mates oval dimension from picture below :)

As all the oval modular mates container have the same dimension, you can stack any of them one after another and remain stable.

If you wish to identify the modular mates oval container model, it will be pretty easy.

tupperware modular mates oval dimension

How to identify different model of Tupperware Modular Mates oval container?

You jut need to flip the container base and let the bottom of the container facing up. Just look at the bottom of the container base itself, there will be a number near at the middle of the container base.

If the number is "1", that container will be Oval 1, if the number is "2", that container will be oval 2.

If the number shown is "3", that container will be "Oval 3" and if the number shown as "4", that container will be "Oval 4"

You can see how Oval 1, 2, 3 and 4 look like from picture below ( Oval 1, 2, 3 and 4 - from right to left )

modular mates oval set

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Modular mates Oval container is love by lot of tupperware lovers because it is to be take out by using single hand :) 

When talking about capacity of the modular mates oval container;

Tupperware Modular Mates Oval 1 container can store about:

1. 250g of powdered drink mixes.

2. 500g of brown / white sugar.

3. 250g of icing sugar.

4. 25g of tea bags.

5. 125g of tea leaves.

6. 380g of almond.

7. 550g of green beans / red beans.

8. 250g of cashew nuts.

9. 200g of dried fruits.

10. 250g of dates.

11. 250g of mixed nuts.

12. 375g of sago.

13. 290g of dried longan.

14. 280g of oyster.

15. 300g of shrimps.

16. 540g of salt.

17. 125g of cocoa.

Tupperware Modular Mates Oval 2 container can store about:

1. 130g of Ginseng roots.

2. 500g of ground coffee.

3. 500g of infant cereal.

4. 300g of milk powder.

5. 500g of powdered drink mixes.

6. 1kg of brown / white sugar.

7. 700g of cube sugar.

8. 500g of icing sugar.

9. 750g rock sugar.

10. 100g of tea bags.

11. 250g of tea leaves.

12. 500g of barley.

13. 800g of black beans.

14. 950g of green beans / red beans.

15. 700g of groundnuts.

16. 500g of soya beans.

17. 500g of cashew nuts.

18. 500g of dried fruits.

19. 450g of dates.

20. 600g of lotus seeds.

21. 500g of mixed nuts.

22. 280g of black chinese mushrooms.

23. 500g of curry powders.

24. 300g of noodles.

25. 500g of shrimps.

26. 1kg of salts.

27. 100g of white fungus.

28. 500g of baking soda.

29. 500g of bread crumbs.

30. 500g of chocolate buds.

31. 250g of cocoa.

32. 500g of cornflour.

33. 500g of custard powder.

34. 500g of mixed fruits.

Tupperware Modular Mates Oval 3 container can store about:

1. 200g of coffee powder.

2. 160g of Ginseng Roots.

3. 750g of Powdered Drink Mixes.

4. 1kg of Cubed sugar.

5. 1kg of Palm sugar.

6. 1kg of Icing sugar.

7. 950g of Rock sugar.

8. 150g of Tea bags.

9. 1.3kg of Black beans.

10. 1.4kg Green / red beans.

11. 1.2kg of Ground nuts.

12. 1kg of Dried fruits.

13. 700g of Dates.

14. 200g of Lasagne.

15. 900g of Lotus seeds.

16. 1kg of Mixed nuts.

17. 380g of Black chinese mushroom.

18. 800g of Curry powder.

19. 550g of Noodles.

20. 800g of Shrimp.

21. 140g of White fungus.

22. 1kg of Flour.

23. 1kg of Mixed Fruits.

Tupperware Modular Mates Oval 4 container can store about:

1. 750g of Milk powder.

2. 1kg of Muesli.

3. 2kg of Brown sugar.

4. 200g of tea bags.

5. 1.7kg of black beans.

6. 1.9kg of Green / red beans.

7. 1.5kg of Ground nuts.

8. 1.2kg of Lotus seeds.

9. 500g of Macaroni.

10. 2kg of Rice.

11. 1.1kg of curry powder.

12. 900g of Noodles.

13. 200g of Glass Noodle ( Tunghoon )

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