Tupperware Mini Container Review

Tupperware Mini Container set is comprising of 4 sets of Tupperware midgets and 4 sets of Tupperware snack cups.

The capacity of the snack cup is 130 ml and the capacity of the midget is 60 ml

The size of the snack cup is 8 cm ( Dia ) x 5 cm (H), and the size of the midget is about 5cm (Dia) x 6 cm (H) 

What to keep inside the Tupperware Mini?

The lid of the snack cup and the midget itself is virtually liquid tight, that you can put liquid food inside such as vinagar, oil, soy sauces, chilli sauces, sambal balacan and bring for picnic without worry it will be spilled out :)

In fact, the lids for both containers is pretty tight, you need to require high strength to press in the lids into the container edge and press the lid to move along the container edge to ensure your container is 100% closed.

The cute capacity of 60 ml midgets are ideal to keep for small portion of dressing food, such as mayonese, thousand island, cut garlic or onions, fried onions with oil or cut chillies slices.

There are also some folks love to put some medicine pills, candy, vitamin into the midgets and bring out for outdoor consumption :)

tupperware mini setThis is how the Tupperware Mini Set look like :)

You can also put in some little household stuffs that easy to lost such as buttons, needle or pins.

The 130 ml snack cups is suitable to act as measuring cup, that you can put in the pre-measured food ingredients such as how many tea spoon of flour in snack cup A, how many tea spoon of corn flour in snack up B in advance, and just pour in as per instruction later without need to measure the quantity of the food ingredient on the spot.

Tupperware Mini Container Set (Set of 8) -  $20.50 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

These containers will be very helpful when you are trying out new recipes and want to concentrate on the procedure to add in ingredients :)

You can also put small portion of your favorite snacks into the snack cups such as candy, chocolates, tidbits or sweets :) 

You can just slipped them into your handbag easily and you can enjoy your favorite snacks or share it with your friends while are shopping or enjoying the movie.

When this container set is not in used, you can just open up the lids and stack them one after another to save your cabinet storage space. In fact, even if you had food content inside the containers itself, you can stack on top of each other as they have the stackable design as well :)  ( stack without open the lids )

You can put these containers inside the dishwasher directly if you feel lazy to wash it by your own hand :)

P/s - if you just wash your empty container, remember to open up the lids before you keep them in the cabinet, to encourage fresh air flow for the container, and avoid odour smell inside the container itself when not in use for long time in future :) 

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