Tupperware Midgets Guide

Tupperware Midgets is one of the small tupperware containers that love by most of the home makes to keep small quantity of food ingredients.

Tupperware midgets set of 4Tupperware midgets set of 4

This is how Tupperware midgets look like :) Each midgets can store about 60 ml of food ingredients. You might wondering, what can a 60 ml containers to keep with ? It is is too little ! 

But in fact, there are a lot of food ingredients that suits this little cute containers :) You can use it to keep cut garlic, fried garlic with oil, chili padi, soy sauces, tomato sauces or chilli sauces, small portion of onion slices and etc.

You can keep lot of different kind of food ingredients in the fridge, without need to waste much of your fridge storage space, as all the containers are so small :)

Other than keep the food ingredients in fridge, you can also bring them out with your midgets for picnic, without taking lot of your picnic bag storage space :)

Although the containers are small, but the seal of the midgets are totally liquid tight, that you no need to worry the seal will be accidentally open and spilled inside your picnic baskets :)

Can you roughly figure out how big is the midgets from picture above :)

From the left picture above, you can see the midget seals edge are projected up, it allow the midgets to stack up and not easy to fall down even if you had stack it very high ( to save your storage space )

And if you can see from the right picture above, when you not use the midgets, you can stack them one after another to save your cabinet storage space.

However, there is one con side of the midgets - Due to its small size and its liquid tight seal characteristic, the seal is quite hard to close.

A lot of folks are getting mad on how to close the midgets seal without use heavy strength.

How to close Tupperware Midgets Seals?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 1 - Try to press in the seal with both of your thumb from bottom of the seal.

Step 2 - Move your both thumb along the seal and press in.

Step 3 - Continue press in the seal along the seal edge until both thumb meet each other at the top of the seal.

Remember to double check the seal edge to ensure it is fit perfectly on the containers after you had close it - to avoid loose seal open and spilled inside your picnic baskets.

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