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Do you wish to learn more about Tupperware Microwave products?

Basically, most Tupperware products that is "microwave-able" is more on for reheat your food within the Tupperware products, and not used for cooked the food until it get "fully cooked"

Most of the products seals will be come with a cap, that you need to open it up when put inside the microwave.

Tupperware Microwave Dish

As you can see from the Tupperware Microwaveable Dish above, you need to pull up the cap before put it into the microwave for reheat.

If you forget to do so, the hot air produced during the reheating process will force the cover to burst open and your food will be spilled everywhere inside your microwave.

You will lose your food, plus you need to clean up the microwave compartment through :(

If you are unlucky, you might spoil your favorite Tupperware Microwave container; and it will not covered under Tupperware lifetime warranty; due to the defects was caused by misuse.

microwave tupperware dish

So, you can see the consequence? Make sure you open the cap on the seal before put into microwave :) 

This Tupperware Crystalwave divided dish is build in with 3 compartment, that allow you to put up to 3 different kind of your favorite food without messing them when you carry it around :)

The total capacity of this divided dish is about 850ml. You can prepare your favorite food and store inside this container overnight, then bring it out the next day.

When you want to enjoy your lunch, just pull up the cap on the seal, put inside the microwave for reheat for about 2 minutes, then it can serve as the lunch box to enjoy your food directly.

The container base itself come with 2 holder, allow you to take the crystalwave dish from the microwave easily after reheat. And there is a big tab attached on the seal itself, that allow you to open the seal easily :)

Remember do not put in very oily food to reheat in microwave, the oily content may absorb high heat from the microwave and cause your container skin to get burned.

Try to avoid reheat food like curry, fried rice, fried noodles or fried chicken to protect your container base :) 

Please bear in mind that the defect of your microwave products that caused by these burning is not covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.

P/S - Please note that the Yellow color crystalwave divided dish picture that I show above now is no longer produced, it become discontinued item!

If you have one in your hand, please treat it as nice as your own child; as it may be the last set of the same kind in the world :)

And now, Tada! This is the latest Tupperware Crystalwave Divided Dish Blue ! 

Tupperware Microwave Dish (Set of 1) -  $17.00 including free shipping to United States.

Buyer FAQ 

blue microwave cystalwave divided dish top view
blue cystalwave divided dish inner view

The new design have comfortable color and look more attractive than the previous design, time to add one more set of microwave tupperware to your collection, don't you agree? :)   

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